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Health Talk Andrew and Justin Peasley


Andrew Peasley

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Health Talk Andrew and Justin Peasley

Health is How I Feel
Health is How I Function
No symptoms?
Pain, sneezing, coughing, etc
Less about feeling, more about function
Pain tells us there is a problem
Sneezing, Coughing, Fever

What is Health

What is it and Where Can I get it

Health is the ability of your body to deal with and overcome mental, physical, bacterial, viral, and chemical stresses we are exposed to every day is life
Your body’s ability of doing what it’s suppose to when it’s suppose to.
Fighting a virus
Fever, sneezing, runny nose, cough, feel very tired. Body telling you to rest

Health Is

What is Health
There once was the community that had a problem…

Story about Health

Spent time, money, resources

Where is the prevention?

We have the best emergency care
Lives are saved
Where is the prevention?
Who do you go to before you are sick?
Before you have symptoms?
If you want to stay healthy
We live in a health care system that is all about crisis, and little about actual health
We spend the most money for health, but don’t come close to being the healthiest country

This community is the United States

Can I find Health by getting rid of symptoms?
Americans consume 40% of worlds prescription drugs, 80% of the pain pills, and has between 4 and 5% of the worlds population.
5% of the World is taking almost half of the worlds prescription drugs.
US heath care ranks 37th in world, and we spend the most money.
Health is not found in a pill, a pill is used to cover up a problem
Side affects
Body resistant to them

Where can I find Health?

Heart disease: 597,689
Cancer: 574,743
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
These can be greatly reduced by your lifestyle

Leading Causes of Death in US

1st sign of Coronary Artery Disease
Sometimes Heart attack
Cancer diagnosis
1 cm tumor contains one billion cells
Mutates cells. Body destroys mutated cells, smoke more, more cells mutated, body must destroy them again. To many cells mutating, body unable to kill them all and cells grow uncontrollably. Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth

Chase Prevention, not symptoms

Health comes from within
What we Think affects our health
What we Eat affects our life
Exercising our body promotes health
What our nervous system does affects our health
Body is in control
Breathing, digesting food, healing cuts

Where can I find Health?

How Do I Function Better?
Bodies designed to move
Exercise benefits
Heart - decrease HA risk
Lungs- increase
Artery health- expanding
Decrease Cancer risk
Depression- help prevent
Blood flow- increase
Exercising 60 minutes a day 5 days a week will get you these benefits


What you think has some control over what your brain releases to the rest of your body
How? only if your interested
Neocortex to hypothalmus to anterior pitutiary gland, hormone released in blood that stimulates glands in your body that produce hormones that cause physiological changes. Also, hypothalmus communicates through nerves that are connected to your organs.
Build yourself up

What You Think Matters

Nutrients and calories

Purpose of Food

When we eat we are breaking down chemical bonds
Body designed to break down whole foods Fruit, vegetables, animals,
Substances were made from
Improve our health and function
Processed foods (foods that come is packages or boxes you can microwave) white rice, noodles, white bread, Oreos, chips
Chemicals added to them not made from nature that our bodies are not made to break down, and they diminish our health
Fat Free not always good
Artificial sweeteners- Aspartame aka NutraSweet and Equal, Saccharin aka Sugar Twin and Sweet N Low, Sucarlose aka Splenda
No calories, carcinogenic


Processed food-processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state

Natural food

What food is good for me?

How would your body try to get rid of substances that are not good for it?

Is your skin an Organ?

Gumball machine is designed to accept quarters
Put a dime in what happens
Our bodies are designed to accept foods that are grown in the ground and from nature
Put man made substances in what happens?

Gumball Machine

Who here enjoys
Watching a movie (sight)
Listening to music (hearing)
Chocolate, icecream, or both (taste)
Being able to text? (Touch)
A whiff of pizza when your hungry? (Smell)
Fighting of a cold (immune system)
All Made Possible By

Nervous System

Importance based what it’s protected by
Spinal Cord
How long can you go without..
Communication from Brain to body

Nervous System

Chiropractic is about Function
How the communication works
Think of the brain as your teacher and yourself as the body
Life is a test of how well your body functions

Brain communicates to Body and Body back to Brain

What the Communication looks like

Pressure on nerves that keeps the right message from getting to the brain from the body and from the body to the brain.
Spinal cord direct extension of your brain
Where are my nerves?
From spinal cord
Every organ, tissue, and cell in body

Subluxation and Nerves


We are trained to find and get rid of subluxation
Static Palpation
Motion Palpation
Leg checks

Chiropractor trained to find and remove subluxation

Palpation and Motion of Spine

Leg Checks


Instruments and Leg Checks

The film analysis helps rule out pathology and isolate the primary disc involvement which lead to 1 specific correction and no toxic medication for symptom relief


A specific adjustment by contacting the vertebrae and moving the bone so there is no longer pressure on the nerves
Does the adjustment itself improve your health?


Why We Care About Health
Why we care about health


You deserve to know
Drugs are not the only way
Your health is in your control
Care of your spine is vital to your bodies function
A Healthy Life Style is your Choice

And You

Never to early to make sure your Nervous System is functioning properly

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