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Copy of 6+1 Traits Foldable Notes

No description

Stacey Day

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 6+1 Traits Foldable Notes

Ideas Organization Presentation Conventions Voice Sentence
Fluency Word
Choice 6 + 1 Traits of Writing What it means: -Coming up with an idea that will entice you reader
-A clear overall message
-Interesting content
-Staying relevant to your idea Tips: Use brainstorming strategies (free association, brain mapping, freewriting, etc.)
Ask others if your message / story makes sense What does it mean?
-Organizing writing into a logical sequence
-Using transition words and phrases
-Clear conclusion or resolution Tips: Separate your writing into logical parts
-intro, body, conclusion
-Plot Rollercoaster Parts
-Chronological, spatial, order of importance, etc.

Make sure your reader gets info in the right order so they aren't confused What does it mean? -writing seems to come from a real person
-author's tone shows in writing: humor, sarcasm, skepticism, sadness, etc
-writing or characters are believable
Tips: Interact with the reader WITHOUT using "You"
Show you care about the topic
Voice personality
Make characters / writing believable
(example: a 9-year-old is going to talk and think differently than a 90-year-old) What does it mean? -The choice of words that a writer uses to best convey their message and entertain their reader Tips: Use words that create a mental picture for the reader
(imagery, details, description)
Use powerful action verbs ("scurried" instead of "went")
Use interesting adjectives and specific nouns
Use words correctly
Avoid repetition, slang, and cliches What does it mean? -The smoothness, rhythm, and flow of language
-Complete sentences Tips: Vary sentence beginnings, structures, and length
Use transitions to show relationships between sentences
Use Sassy Sentences What does it mean? -Fancy word for editing grammar / spelling / punctuation Tips: Have several people help edit your paper
(See more tips WP-Editing notes) What does it mean? -MAKING IT LOOK GOOD!!
(Writing should be legible and look nice)
-Publishing it in some way Tips: Type your story and format it using MLA
Present your story in a cool way
Publish it!
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