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book report

No description

isabella castro

on 5 July 2017

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Transcript of book report

book report
what book am I reading?
the book I am reading is called "The girl with the dragon tattoo" other name: "men who hates women"
what is it about?
this book is about a man called Henrik, he got a rare Australian flower on his birthday, November 1st. Because of that he called a Detective that is called Superintendant Morrell, and told him about the rare flower he recived, he recived a flower every year on his birthday. He had 44 flowers at the moment, but the detective and Henrik can't solve the mystery of who is sending him this flowers. But he doesn't know that the one who is sending flowers was missing because she had problems in her country
Mikael Blomkvist tries to solve the mystery of the girl disappearance while at the same time trying to restore his journalistic credibility and save Millennium, the magazine he co-founded, And also tries to find who is the one sending flowers.
- Lisbeth Salander
- Mikael Blomkvist
- Harriet Vanger’s
- time and place written · Sweden 2002–2003

-date of first publication · 2005
- author · Stieg Larsson
The news that the girl is alive and well, in Australia promises the girl peace and a company in the future, while Salander and Blomkvist reconcile themselves to what they’ve discovered and work together
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