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andy ruiz

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Biofuels

Biofuel and Bio energy Project
Biofuels and Bioenergy
By: Pedro, and Anthony
What Is A Biofuel?
Biofuels are living organisms from metabolic by products (organic or food waste products). To be considered biofuel it must be made of more than 80% renewable materials.
Some examples of biofuels are:

Chicken Feather Meal: Crop Waste
What is Bioenergy?
Bioenergy is energy that is sustained by living ,organic matter.It must be renewable.
CORN (Ethanol) :
Biofuel facts

- Bio fuels are safe towards the environment and enhances fuel ratings
- Bio fuels are the best way to decrease the emission of the greenhouse gases.
- Bio fuels are expensive
Bioenergy Examples:
- Bio fuels date back to the early 1900s
Sugar Canes:
Bioenergy Facts
Why Do We Need Biofuels and Bioenergy?

Without BIOFUELS and BIOENERGY our world would be "black" instead of being green.
We need biofuels and bioenergy to improve our economy,to live abetter life, and to have a better future. Our present day is not very economical, but we can change that ,we can use more ethanol for a change.With more bioenergy and more biofuels our generations could live better. Having this gives us great advantages.We could use fossil fuels more wisely and we could have better technology.Some disadvantages are that later on the price of the corn will be more expensive, and we will need a lot of boiling machines to burn ethanol.
- we can make more and more of this energy
- it is an organic material
-it is a sustainable energy source

-It was the first source of energy used by mankind.
-It is responsible for 15% of the world energy supply
By: Anthony, Pedro, and Andy

We got our pictures from here(Prezi)
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