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Introduction to IMA and the Afya Jijini Project Dr. Ernest

No description

Louisa Ssennyonga

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to IMA and the Afya Jijini Project Dr. Ernest

IMA Core Competencies
Procurement and Distribution –
Cost effective, expert supply chain management with strategic global distribution of more than $1 billion in medicines and supplies to date

IMA Core Competencies
IMA Core Competencies
Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) – Building the infrastructure of health care in nations recovering from war, disaster, and poverty

Capacity Building – Empowering and partnering with local governments, partners, faith-based organizations, and health workers to strengthen health services delivery

Current Member Organizations
Dr. Ernest Nyamato, MD, MBA
Chief of Party, Afya Jijini

How We Work
Introduction to IMA and the Afya Jijini Project
Our History
Founded in 1960 as “Interchurch Medical Assistance”
Founded by 6 Protestant mission organizations

Procurement and distribution of medicines and medical supplies to medical missions all over the world

Today: IMA has grown to manage our own health and development programs in Africa, Asia and Haiti

Adventist Development and Relief

American Baptist Churches – International Ministries

Mennonite Central Committee

Church World Service

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Week of Compassion

Church of the Brethren

Presbyterian Church (USA)

United Church of Christ

Episcopal Relief and Development

Lutheran World Relief

Global Ministries of the
The United Methodist Church

Access Donor resources
Direct as Principle Recipient

Indirect as Sub-Recipient
With Faith-based partners
With Secular partners

With Ministries of Health

Disease Prevention and Control
– Fighting HIV/AIDS, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), malaria, and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cervical cancer and Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) – Addressing the need for the essential collection and management of health data to maximize limited resources

IMA Focal Program Countries
Fully Registered INGO
Democratic Republic of Congo
Republic of South Sudan

IMA Funders
U.S. Government: USAID,
CDC, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
Other Bilateral Agencies: DFID
Multilateral Agencies: Global Fund, World Bank, UNFPA, UNICEF
Private Foundations and Faith-Based Entities
Individual Donors

Current Program Technical Areas
Funder: USAID Kenya
Term: 3 year initial period with 2 option years
Prime Recipient: IMA World Health
Implementing Partners:
Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK)
National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE)
University of Nairobi, Centre for HIV Prevention and Research (CHIVPR)

Figure 1: Illustrative Afya Jijini Continuum of Care

Afya Jijini Project
Project Results Framework
Project Goals and Approaches
Build on the success of USAID’s APHIAplus Nairobi County work.

Strengthen Nairobi County-level institutional and management capacity to deliver quality healthcare services.

Afya Jijini’s ultimate aim is to improve access and uptake of quality health services in Nairobi.

Project Objectives
Increase access and use of quality HIV services.

Improve access and uptake of maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH), family planning (FP) and reproductive health (RH), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and nutrition services.

Strengthen County and Sub-County health systems.

Project Delivery Approaches
To be determined after Work plan completed
in 60 days due 30th October 2015

Key Staff
Chief of Party: Dr. Ernest Nyamato, MD, MBA

Deputy Chief of Party/Service Delivery Technical Advisor: Dr. Michael Mwaniki, MD, MPH

Health Systems Strengthening Advisor: Dr. Vincent Okungu, PhD

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist: Mr. Kirogo Mwangi, MA

Senior Finance Director: Mr. Paul Monyi

HIV Care and Support
HIV Treatment
HIV Testing and Counseling and VMMC

USAID’s Afya Jijini Project
Sub-Purpose 2:
Increased access and use of focused MNCH, FP,
WASH, Nutrition services
Sub-Purpose 1: Increased access and use of quality HIV services
Maternal and Newborn Health Services
Child Health Services
Family Planning Services
WASH Services
Nutrition Services

Sub-Purpose 3: Strengthened Nairobi County Health System
Partnerships for Governance and Strategic Planning
Human Resources for Health
Health Products and Technologies
Strategic M&E Systems
Quality Improvement (QI) Systems

Cross-Cutting Themes
Youth, Young Women, and Other Marginalized Groups
Key Populations- MSM, SW/FSWs/MSWs, IDUs, LGBTI
Sustainability and capacity building
Coordination, alignment and collaboration

Next Steps
Continued stakeholder meetings
Bring on full staff complement
Share work plan with key stakeholders for refinement
Project baseline
Transition project during 2015, working with Pathfinder and begin service delivery and HSS work

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