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The Top 10 Places to Visit

a project I had to do for World Geography

Danae B

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of The Top 10 Places to Visit

The Top 10 Places to Visit By: Danae Beauston Grand Canyon Old Faithful Geyser Victoria Falls Pyramids of Giza Amazon Rain Forest an overall view of the Grand Canyon the top of a cliff with a river at the bottom a view of what is under the glass overlook another view of a large part of the canyon people observing from the overlook a zoomed out view of an Old Faithful eruption a poster of an eruption with buffalo in the background a shot of an eruption from behind the vewing area size comparison of Old Faithful to a neighboring geyser Old Faithful's vent a person hanging over the edge of Victoria Falls the gorge of Victoria Falls a highway next to the falls a view of the whole Victoria Falls a helicopter flying over Victoria Falls The Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid Djozer Step Pyramid movement: camel ruins from ancient Giza the three largest pyramids of Giza trees/plants hanging over the Amazon River movement: river boat the lush forest of the Amazon movement: on foot trees growing from out of the river The End! Hope you enjoyed! P.S. This is just my half of the project. My partner has the other half. ;)
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