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Evaluation question 2

How effective was the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

Khadija Mustafa

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Evaluation question 2

How effective was the combination of your main task and ancillary products? POSTER TITLE:
The title, 'The Stuff Life is Made Of' signifies the essense of our story. 'Stuff' represents the materialistic things the girls had when they were rich. At the same time, 'stuff' also represents the things that truly matter in life, such as love and friendship which the girls realize in their journey. The tagline 'Is money really everything?' invites the audience to ask themselves the same question which the characters of the film were forced to consider when they lost all their money. Similar to other posters in the same genre as ours, we chose to keep the background white. This simple theme works well because it enables the key items on the poster to become prominent such as the stars, the title, tagline and date of release. The colours used in the poster are bright and cheerful, similar to the mise en scene of our film. The colors therefore, set the mood of our film. The picture of the key stars shows the girls in fashionable attire, but they are carrying cleaning dusters. This juxtaposition of wealth and poverty was done in order to cue the audience on what the story of the film is. However, the audience intrepreted the picture differently. For example, they thought the makeup kit was a piant palette. This shows that semiotics are difficult to convey and signs can be intrepreted in different ways. Lastly, we used the same font which was used in the intertitles of the film. This consistency can help the audience to immediately recongnize the film. MAGAZINE The picture of the stars in the magazine show the characters in a very natural pose. Instead of showing the stars as celebrities, they are shown as as smiling at the camera and when the reader will pick up the magazine, they will feel the stars are smiling at them. This was done to create a brand image of the stars as 'real people' whom the target audience can relate to . Since star power is an attracting force for people to watch the movie, this feels like an effective technique to use. The font used is a bit casual. As the target audience for our trailer is children from the age of 7-12, we felt that this would attract them more than a formal font. The content of the magazine is minimum which allows the film to gain maximum space on the page. Moreover, the film is headlined in the center of the magazine, which enables the eye to be immediately drawn towards it. The phrase 'world's brattiest sisters' reinforces the personality of stars in the film. Also, calling them the 'world's' brattiest sisters is a bold phrase but it effectively publicies the story of our film. Conclusion The poster and magazine reinforce the main product. The poster captures the essence of the film through the image of the stars, the font and colors used. The magazine on the other hand, advertises the film using the star theory.
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