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Recession Proof Toy

Luke, Genesis, Maria, Mateo P1 Marketing

Maria Enea

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Recession Proof Toy

Marketing Strategies
We Offer Many Promotions To Our Happy Customers. For example:

1. Fundraisers hosted by our investors. All revenue will go to various charities.
2. In-store events. Product giveaways, etc.
3. 24 hour call center at corporate office. This will ease customer service experiences.
4. Internatioanl sales. Children, and adults, in other nations will have access to our product.
4. The creation of new job opportunities. The unemployed will have more job opportunities due to the opening and growth of our company.

Why is our toy recession proof?
It is sold at a cheap price
Our game is fairly simple and can be compared to many classic games our parents once played with
The lesson learned while playing is: Although one may come across tough times and negativity, a positive outlook and determination can steer you in the right direction
Toys In The Recession
Marketing Plan
Sell a product continuously despite economic challenges.
class powerpoints and notes
PEST Analysis
Better World Board Game
Recession in the economy
Low Buying of Toys
Why Choose Better World Board Game?
Concentrated in other expenses
Technologic Games
Downward-trend since 2002
During a recession, toys are kept fairly simple
Often sold during holidays such as Christmas (parents feel more obligated to buy)
More advanced toys appeal to today's children
Parents are more likely to buy classic toys that remind them of their childhood
Better World board game
2-5 players
ages 5+
Players navigate through a board based off the number of the dice rolled
Obstacles (positive & negative) may push the player steps forward or backwards
Ultimate goal: Make it to the "better world" at the end of the board
Kids look for high-quality toys
Fad product cycle
Our target market is familes with children 5+. These families are going through difficult times and are in need of a "better world."
Better World Board Game
Sold at department stores (target, walmart etc.)
$10; we wanted to keep the price relatively cheap to survive the harsh times
Television, magazine, and online ads.
Executive Summary:
Sell 500,000 games by the 8th quarter
At 10,000,000 games, accept private investors' funds.
At the 50,000,000 gs (games sold) mark, take company public on NYSE, NASDAQ, and SEHK.
Set IPO at $10 per share. Release 30,000,000 shares, or 60% of the company, to the public.
Market Segmentation
Implementation and Evaluation
Any ethnic background family around the world
Living in areas most effected by the recession
Stong family values, positive outlook, and seeking positivity
Brand Loyal
Present prototype to ideal stores
Gain financial support from fellow entrepreneurs and starting-out investors.
Approach major toy manufacturers with our already copyrighted design/idea.
Put our toys into the stores that have accepted our product.
Travel to toy shows and conventions for additional concepts for future designs.
Maria, Genesis, Mateo, and Luke
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