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This Prezi will teach students about the four transformations (rotation, reflection, translation, and dilation)using digital photographs.

Adrienne Posillico

on 28 July 2010

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TRANSFORMATIONS Translation Rotation Reflection Dilation to move or slide an image to turn an image a certain amount of degrees and either clockwise or counterclockwise to flip an image
a reflection creates a mirror image to make an image larger or smaller As a teacher, I would use this Prezi as an introduction to the unit on "Transformations." By exploring this presentation, students will be able to learn about the four basic transformations in mathematics; rotation, reflection, translation, and dilation. Students will read the notes and view their associated images for each of the four transformations. Then, as a class, we will discuss how the transformations are different as well as similar. After, students will apply what they have learned by examining various images and naming the appropriate transformation that each image represents. The ultimate goal of this lesson is for students to be able to recognize as well as accurately state which of the four transformations are being represented by an image. Name the transformation. ON YOUR OWN Name the transformation Name the transformation Rotation
(to turn) Reflection
(to flip) Dilation
(to make larger or smaller) Translation
(to slide or move) The image is flipped horizontally (over the x-axis) so this represents a reflection. The image is flipped vertically (over the y-axis), therefore it is a reflection. preserves congruency (same shape and size) preserves congruency (same shape and size) preserves congruency (same shape and size) does not preserve congruency - same shape, but different size after a dilation The size of the name "SUMMER" went from large to small, so it is a dilation. The image is rotated 90 degrees, clockwise. The image is rotated 90 degrees, counterclockwise. The image of the rounded rectangle is enlarged, therefore it is a dilation. The image has been moved to the right and up so it is a translation. Since the image has been slid to the right, it is a translation. Name the transformation
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