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Puppy Mills

No description

Sally Luo

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Puppy Mills

MILLS WHAT ARE PUPPY MILLS? • Puppy mills are basically commerical puppy farms Why are they so bad? The conditions in a puppy mill are appalling. In order to cut costs, breeders don't pay for veterinary care, toys, nutritious food, or even proper housing.

The mother dogs are constantly pregnant, due to the breeders trying to maximize the amount of puppies they can get from one dog. After they are no longer young enough to do this, they are destroyed.

Some breeders keep the puppies in stacked wire cages, so that feces and urine drips down on other puppies, and the wire damages their paws.

Not only are they poorly cared for, they are weaned off their mother's milk and taken away weeks earlier than they should be.

Half of the puppies die before they reach the pet shops. Effects from Neglect Due to the neglect and poor care, the puppies, when bought are unsociable, destructive, and unsuitable for pets.

The breeders breed indiscriminately as well, so many of the puppies have various genetic diseases along with the ones they have contracted because of poor care. This means that many of the new owners of the puppies have to either put down their new dog, or spend thousands of dollars trying to save them. How to stop Puppy Mills Cruel as it is, puppy mills are legal, and illegal mills are hard to regulate.

99% of all puppies sold in pet shops are from puppy mills. Even if American ones close, pet shops are willing to import from other countries.

The only way to put these horrible factories down is to bankrupt them. Never buy from a pet shop, or online.

Adopt from a pet shelter or a rescue group. If you do want one from a breeder, make sure it's one that cares.
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