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Social Networking

No description

Kienan McKay

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Networking

What is the influence of Social Media?
"What is a digital native and how has social media contributed to their creation and evolution?"
Born during the era of the digital age which technically began in 1985.

Lives have been built and structured around technology.
Definition Cont.
Although technically, we'd all be digital natives, the term better describes younger generations that would be around 7-8 right now.

Remember your first phone? How old were you? These days most kids are getting phones around 8-9.

Along with these phones they have access to Snapchat, Twitter, Facetime etc, and Facebook.
These days most work is done on laptops or computers and students are having to write less and less.

This may not be so obvious down here, but more so in cities where there's more money available.


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LIBBIES 17th!!!!! Fuk yeh best nite eva!!
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Optus 3G
8:57 am
Status Update
jus wen 2 da zoo and saw a giraf brews, so kewl

casually lookin up cheescake recepies on the internet

omg omg omg!!!! I jus saw jusin bieber...omg omg omg I can now die a happy person #life 4filled

S0 lIK3 I w@s @t m0th3r fucking Micky d$ MiNding Mi Own D@m bu$in3zz tiLL s0m3 bitcH Thr3w sumthIng @t me M3!!--_-- SMH!!
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Badly Stuffed Taxidermy Animals
What is a Digital Native?
News Feed
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Going to McDonalds for a Salad is Like Going to a Brothel for a Hug
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A page dedicated to posting images of badly stuffed taxidermy animals.
A group of women trying to prove that boobs don't cause earthquakes.
Nuff said...
8:57 am
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Ipad Mini
Social Media is a large part of what makes up a digital native
They begin to depend on it, to NEED it
Tanisha Lasquisha
added a new
Where do you live young girl? :) lol
36 Ramsay Street, why?
New makeup style!! :) so rad
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They begin to take these things off the internet and into real life situations
Because of this they can't imagine life without it
They're social life it m@de up of stupid characters & acronyms lol
Status Update

boost confidence
encourage participation
battle depression
help find identity
and educate
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Optus 3G
8:57 am

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A group of women dedicated to proving that boobs don't cause earthquakes after an Iranian Cleric claimed that the storms of men running after sexy women was causing all the earthquakes in quake-prone Iran.
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