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Early Years: Lit review & academic writing

Structuring assignments & the literature review

Katharine Stapleford

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Early Years: Lit review & academic writing

Katharine Stapleford
Academic Skills Writing the literature review and developing an academic style. Outcomes 1. Identify an appropriate structure for academic assignments.

2. Include appropriate content in each section.

3. Apply appropriate methods and techniques for conducting a literature search.

4. Structure a literature review logically. Introduction Structuring an assignment What to look for. Literature Review Further guidance Body Conclusion set the scene contextualise give some background general specific state your aims outline the structure http://englishforuniversity.com/writing/writing-the-introduction-to-your-essay/ paragraphs http://englishforuniversity.com/academic-writing/paragraph-development/ one topic/point = one paragraph PEE restate aims state position/answer summarise reasons Where to look for it How to manage it. How to present it. demonstrates knowledge of research & theories in a particular area
critically analyses current studies & research
highlights 'gaps' - where further research is needed previous research
policies library/heritage: text books; paper journals; reports
summon: electronic resources (ebooks; journals; reports; periodicals)
google scholar: journal articles; pdfs
government websites: policy documents; reports; legislation; green/white papers
EY organisations: research reports; opinions; campaigns
children's charities: campaigns; resources; news
twitter: news; updates; policy; research themes
compare & contrast
evaluate note the source!! Academic Skills Resource (My Institution) @ucoskills Book an appointment with
Katharine or Christine introduction - body - conclusion
relevance to your topic
signposts to guide the reader http://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/sources.htm look ahead 3 things you've learned 2 things you'd like to try out 1 thing you need to develop further
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