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Studying Habits

No description

Annabella Couto

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Studying Habits

Studying Habits
During Class
take notes even when others aren't
during PowerPoints, don't write down basic information
develop your own shorthand
sometimes just listening is more beneficial than scribbling it down!
Before the Test
Way #1: Studying from the Book
1. Find the section or sections the test is on
2. Skim the sections, focusing on any bold print, vocabulary, and especially headings
3. If any processes or ideas seem unclear as you skim, read it twice slowly
4. If you see any questions in the book, try answering them in your head
Way #2: Reviewing Notes
1. Locate only the notes that the test
2. Take out a highlighter and a different color writing utensil than you wrote the notes in
3. Read the notes, highlighting anything that seems important, such as definitions, and editing any missing words or mess-ups in the notes
4. Add details to your notes, double check information is consistent with the book, like dates
Some Alternate Methods
typing up written notes
creating flashcards
trying study websites such as Vocabulary.com
or StudyBlue
giving a friend a study guide and having them quiz you
writing down everything you know about the test's concepts and then comparing them to your notes or the book
getting extra help with a teacher
do extra practice problems
Tips and Tricks
shorthand is essential to test success!
what I use:
-@ for at, -><- for against, an up or down arrow for higher or lower
-take advantage of + symbols to represent and (=, #, etc)
-use question signs when confused
-write term names out once, then shorten them to initials
-draw diagrams, circle things, add your own remarks, use exclamation points!
Studying Right
looking at your notes before a test real quick is not "studying"
don't compromise your sleep for studying- you won't remember anything the next day
DO NOT waste time stressing and studying things you already know
Last Minute Tips
review your study guide or notes a few minutes before the test
try to avoid cramming right before the test or quiz
make a sheet with key ideas or harder concepts to look over when you have a moment
even though it's rough, take advantage of lunch time to go over stuff. Try quizzing with a friend!
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