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The Japanese School System

No description

Maeva Laporte

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of The Japanese School System

The Japanese School System
The Educational System
Facts & teachers
School Year & School Day
School Holidays
Roses & Thorns
The Education System
- Six years : elementary school
- Three years : junior high school
- Three years : senior high school
- Four or two years : university
Education is taken very seriously
One of the world's best educated countries.
Big relationship between the students and their teachers.
Students are happy to be at school
School Year & School Day
School starts in April and ends in March.
Go to school 6 hours per day
At home : lot of exercises
School Holidays
10 weeks a year
Homework during vacations
240 days of school a year
Roses Thorns
Very Competitive
Too different from the other school systems.
Very well educated kids
Very hard-working and intelligent kids.
Outstanding teachers
Very high salary
Important profession in the society
Some pictures
Where is Japan?
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