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Blood Gas Analysis: Simply Explained

No description

Alex Seguin

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Blood Gas Analysis: Simply Explained

Blood Gases:
Explained Simply
Blood Gas Analysis:
Simply Explained
What is it?
Investigates the acid-base balance
Effectiveness of gas exchange
State of ventilatory control.
source: (Brown et al., 2012)
source: (Centre for Evidence Based Purchasing, 2010)
Essentially the key things to remember are:

Arterial or venous?
Perform the Allen’s test;
Ensure steady state;
Not contain too much anticoagulant – heparin;
No air bubbles in the syringe; and
Sample should be placed on ice and analysed within 30 min.
Renal System
Respiratory System
Types of Errors
Factors that change the measurements:
Impairments to respiratory system
Impairments to renal system
Ideal Gas Equation?
Chemical Kinetics?
source: (Verma & Roach, 2010)
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