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Absolute Monarch Resume

Queen Elizabeth

Dylan Renken

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Absolute Monarch Resume

Dylan Renken
Paideia 4th Period Absolute Monarch Resume
Queen Elizabeth Objective Statement- Accomplishments- References- With I, Queen Elizabeth, as the ruler of Carlesonia, our nation shall flourish with great power and knowledge. When my mother was queen, she had thoughts of an amazing kingdom and i wish to bring them to Carlesonia. If I was leader of Carlesonia, the people would not be dissappointed with their decision. Experience- I come from a royal family you see. My mother, Anne, and my father, Henry the VIII. I have, if you will, "learned the ropes" to being a outstanding leader. Unlike most monarchs, I ruled alone for approximately forty-five years, give or take a few. That wasn't as easy as some might think, but i managed. I made sure that our army was training on a regular basis, and our defenses were up. And when we went to war the the spanish, my men were ready to defend the land under my reign at whatever the cost may be. I do not in any way mean to exert any hubris, but i did have many accomplishments. First, I ruled for almost half or a century, as mentioned before. One of many successes i have had includes the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Another is my navy, trained very well, defeated other attempts of invasion in 1596-1597. And finally, becoming the queen of England. After being labeled a bastard by my father after the execution of my mother, i lost my title of Princess and had to be referred to as Lady. After that reputation being pinned to me, it is a shock i became Queen of England. My step mom, Katherine Parr, knew how hard i tried in my scholarly works and how much time i put aside for being a wonderful monarch. Another reference would have to be my dear admiral, Sir Francis Drake. He was one of my best men, steered the Spanish Armada away from England, circumnavigated the globe from 1577-1580, and led the English fleet into a terrible battle with the Spanish Armada in 1588.
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