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THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

A prezi for an oral test in my 3rd year of Second Level College of Science. (English Literature).

Ele ♡

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare

The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
The Tempest
Thanks for watching
Melani and Eleonora
Prospero was the ruler of Milan, but he was betrayed by Antonio who ordered his soldiers to kill him.

So Prospero and Miranda, his daughter, sailed away to an island where they lived for the next 12 years with Caliban, a strange half-human.
One day on the way back from a wedding in Tunisia, Antonio's ship passes close to the island where Prospero and Miranda are living.

So Prospero uses his magic to cause a violent storm which shipwreckes the large boat.
All the ship's passengers land safely on the island but they don't know if the others have survived too 'cause they're in separate groups.

One of the survivors, Ferdinand, goes exploring and meets Miranda
Son of the King of Naples, Alonso.
They both were on the ship with Antonio and they both survived the shipwreck, but they don't know that the other is alive.
Miranda and Ferdinand fall in love at first sight.
Prospero uses his magic to Make the young man work for him so that things between he and Miranda don't develop too quickly.

But soon Prospero frees Ferdinand so he and Miranda can finally get married.

Caliban also meets Trinculo and Stefano. Together they get drunk and the slave persuades the other two to kill Prospero.

The three drunk men arrive at Prospero's hut to kill him but they're distracted by colourful clothes which Prospero leaves there. So they decide to steal them, and then they're attacked by a group of dogs.
Then even Antonio arrives at the hut.

After that Prospero tells everyone his life story he forgives both his brother and the three drunks.

He then reunites Ferdinand and his father.
Finally some sailors announce the ship's ready to sail back to Italy.

Prospero doesn't want to be a magician anymore. He returns to Italy and becomes the ruler of Milan once again.
The End
Was the rightful Duke of Milan but now lives on an island.
He's a magician and uses his magic to create the storm while Antonio's sailing close to the island.
Prospero's 15-year-old daughter.
She falls in love with Ferdinand.
Son of Sycorax;
A half-human creature who has always lived on the island;
He's Prospero's slave.
He's Prospero's brother and the current Duke of Milan.
King of Naples;
Alonso's son;
He falls in love with Miranda.
A spirit who also is enslaved by Prospero.
Historical Background
Shakespeare's last play;
First performance:
November 1611.
First publication:
December 1623.
( First Folio)
Less developed than the other themes.
Ferdinand and Miranda as symbols of the
finest kind of love
but also of
hope fore the future
Prospero's idea of justice and injustice is
, though he is furious.

In many moments throughout the play, he's sense of justice seems extremely
and mainly involves what is
good for himself
He releases his slaves, too.
Prospero forgives those who sinned against him only after he has triumphed.
Prospero tries to restablish justice by taking the power.
Two kinds:

No obvious single origin of the plot.
Amalgamation of sources.
A remote and un-named Mediterranean island.
Becuse of the small role women play in the story, "The Tempest" has attracted much feminist criticism.
to men.
Description, structure and elements of the play
Elizabethan romance play;
Elements of

Elements of
romantic comedy
The play consist in
common themes
uncorrupted youth
that destroys evil.
This play can be divided into 5 acts:
The first one opens with a storm;
The second one r
The Tempest is written in
(iambic pentameters)
but includes also
prose passages
The Tempest as Romance
It has elements that are in common in Shakespeare's "romance" plays:
Element of magic;
The concept of loss and recovery;
A happy ending to potentially tragic situations;
Extravagant characters;
Exotic places;
Supernatural experiences and passionate love;
Theme of love between a virtuous hero and a "pure" heroine;

It is a play with the potential for tragedy but in which these tragic elements are resolved.
The Tempest and the Othello
Antonio in some ways resembles Iago.
He acts as a tempter to Sebastian as Iago acts to Roderigo.
Different from Iago, Antonio fails in his attempts.
The Tempest and Hamlet
Prospero does something similar to what Hamlet did, but Prospero, unlike Hamlet who kills Claudius, Prospero only wants to make the people who sinned against him suffer by showing them what he had to face.
In Hamlet, Claudius wants the power as in the Tempest, Caliban believes he is the owner of the island, but also Prospero wants the power.
The tempest and Macbeth
Both Prospero and Duncan are betrayed by someone close to them who wants the power and they both have become dishonest and destructive.
"We are such stuff as dreams are made on,
and our little life is rounded with a sleep."
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