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No description

Penelope P

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of THE BIG IDEA

Clinique Project
Our Target Market
Primary Target Market
Females age 18-25
Working Adults
"Pop-Up Clinique"
Beauty On The Go
Secondary Target Market
Females in general
Competitors' Customers
Clinique has to
improve its positioning as a top-of-mind brand
, and further build a strong presence in the skincare industry.
Contexual Analysis
Unorthdox marketing approach
Have a large male clientele base
Unique store concept
Appeal to both genders
Welcoming vibe, vibrant
Supports the non-profit, positive image
Simple yet attractive packaging to cater to younger audiences
More efforts on advertising - TV, Magazine, print ads (increase brand recall)
Claims that products are designed specially for Asian Skin
Loyalty Program (Bioterm in touch club)
Clean and simple store layout and packaging (professional image)
Product class is similar to Clinique's
Contextual Analysis
Clinique x Runwaybandits
Engage bloggers!
Pop Up "Cliniques" will rotationally visit different offices, working female adults are able to get a skin scan and analysis for free and Clinique's products are readily available too.

Increase awareness and convenience for the working adults
Also, to bring Clinique On the Go!
Working Adults
Changi Rewards Members can redeem a Clinique Travel Kit at only $10.
Redeem through presentation of membership cards.
Alternative Marketing
Product information
3-step skincare regime
Take a photo of a highlighted Clinique's product to receive $5 off upon purchasing the 3-step kit
Travellator between the
line and
mrt line
Print advertisements placed in the MRT Cabins
Print Advertisement for MRT
Advertisement hangers to be placed on poles of MRT
Interactive advertisement (whereby the situation in the cinema can be viewed by the host on the screen)
The advertisement is actually "live"
Samples & discountvouchers will be hidden below seat
Lucky few seats with grand prizes
($50 voucher)
The whole process will be filmed down by hidden cameras and will be posted online
Guerilla Marketing
The tunnel would include a brief overview of

interested in skincare, beauty, cosmetic and wellness
They have heavy usage on internet & social media (search product information/brands from opinion leaders and reviews etc)
However they deemed Clinique to be a brand for more mature women and assumed Clinique to be unaffordable (doctor's image)

Communication Objectives
To increase awareness and cognitive knowledge about Clinique’s “3-Step-Process” and its product offering
Change the perception of Clinique being expensive and not suitable for youths
Develop a sustainable competitive
advantage whereby they build brand likability among buyers
and users
Majority of the females commute via public transport
Collaboration with Changi Airport!
Media Strategy and Development
Cognitive Message Strategy & Theme

Create Awareness for Clinique, whereby consumers are able to obtain great skin with clinique, anywhere and anytime.

Correlation with Big Idea!
Our Big Idea revolves around being "On the Go" with Clinique.

Usage of traditional media and social media to capture attention of commuters and consumers.

Expose consumers to our marketing message On the Go.
Proposed Budget
All 3 brands have a unique selling proposition cognitive message strategy -testable claim of uniqueness
Females in General
Increasing trend of proper skincare regime
- Females seek for a combination of products that works best on their skin

Seek skincare information through word of mouth/recommendations (more credible)
- Friends and opinion leaders such as bloggers influences their purchasing decision
Working Adults
Beauty On The Go
Market Research
on Target Market Psychographics
Stage 1
Publicity Event
Stage 3
Stage 2
Contest opening from May 2014, Stay Tuned!
The execution
Through this,
able to get more databases!
The Pyjames Party!
One Lucky Winner + 5 friends!
& an exclusive visit by blogger!
All Paid Clinique's Pyjames Party!
Publicity through the blogger's

Work-centric, spending more time in the office and at home.
Usually do not visit a beauty store unless needed (Replenish beauty products etc)
Constantly on-the-go, travelling through public transport (MRT, Buses)
Clinique Travel Kit Redemption Promotion
Members earn reward points when they redeem a travel kit
Participate in an ongoing lucky draw at the same time.
Able to win attractive prizes!!
Reaches out to frequent customers at Changi Airport.
Publicity will be carried out via Changi Rewards counters, online website and kiss 92fm.
Clinique Exhibition @ Terminal 3
A make-shift clinic will be created in the event space at Terminal 3.
Clinique products will be showcased and dermatologists will be present.
How will this work?
Free skin care consultations with experts.
Provide product recommendations and samples.
Celebrity and opinion leader appearances to attract attention.
Products available for sale at the exhibition.
Vouchers for clinique products given upon purchase for a specified period of time.
More females are travelling abroad for work-related trips or holidays.
Increasing trend of young female travellers
Female skin adversely affected due to frequent travel.
Disrupted sleep patterns, jet lag and climate changes in new country.
Females find it difficult to maintain a consistent skincare routine when abroad.
Require convenient and simple skincare options (travel packs)
Collaboration with TigerAir
Clinique's full sized products will be sold on Tigerair's catalogue
Upon purchasing any Clinique product through the catalogue, customers are entitled to spin Clinique's Mini Beauty Wheel
Free air ticket from TigerAir within the Beauty Wheel!
Number of tries based on the amount they spent
The process will be filmed and placed on social media!
Prizes may not necessarily be extravagent, the Clinique's three step travel pack may be included in the prizes!

Fun activity on plane
Clinique will engage our travellers on plane!
Engage bloggers to publicize the activity!
Customers may share this on Instagram!
Over 6,000,000 likes
Over 100,000 are talking about it
About 800,000 likes

15,000 people are talking about it
Mini booths will be placed outside of the cinema
Customers are able to use the vouchers to purchase Clinique's products
Females engage in more active lifestyles - careers, families, education, hobbies and travelling.

-Multi-tasking and juggle with different roles in lives

Conscious about their image and brands
- May be more inclined to brands that are popular, top of mind brands

Price sensitive
- Females find products that has the highest value for money and is effective on their skin
Market Research
on Target Market Psychographics
Media Habits
Online Media
Increasing usage of social media
(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dayre)
Revealing more personal information/thoughts virtually
Spend a significant amount of time watching dramas, television and Youtube videos (the trend of vlog)
Traditional Media
Channel 8, 5 and cable channels
Radio: 987fm, 933fm, Class 95, Kiss 92
Majority revealed that they do take note of advertisements on public transport
- Prone to search product information online first before purchasing
Products will be advertised on their website "Promotions"
Total Estimated Budget - $299,500
Working Adults
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