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Skull and Associated Bones

Sarah Cashman

Sarah Cashman

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Skull and Associated Bones

The Skull and
Associated Bones Sarah Cashman Frontal Bone Coronal Suture Parietal Bone Squamous Suture Temporal Bone Sagittal Suture Mastoid Process Styloid Process External Acoustic Meatus Zygomatic Process Lambdoid Suture Occipital Bone Occipital Condyles Foramen Magnum External Occipital Protuberance Sphenoid Bone Sella Turcica Medial Pterygoid Plate Lateral Pterygoid Plate Greater Wing Lesser Wing Anterior Clinoid Process Posterior Clinoid Process Hypophyseal Fossa Optic Canal Superior Orbital Fissure Foramen Rotundum Foramen Ovale Foramen Spinosum Foramen Lacerum Ethmoid Bone Cribriform Plate Crista Galli Middle Nasal Concha Perpendicular Plate Nasal Bone Maxilla Infraorbital Foramen Palatine Process Mandible Mental Foramen Mandibular Foramen Condylar Process Coronoid Process Notch Angle Body Zygomatic Bone Lacrimal Bone Palatine Bone Inferior Nasal Concha Vomer Hyoid Bone Greater Horn Lesser Horn Body
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