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Patrick Staley

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of ChiNACOL

Blended Learning for at-risk Students VOISE Academy Blended Learning Google Interactive Learners Tools Enhance, Not Replace Edmodo:
LMS + Social Networking Patrick Staley
Founding Teacher Darrell Mathis
Founding Teacher Sketchup Books Earth Maps Docs/
Drive GMail Ck12: Flexbooks VOISE's Blended Model Combine the synergy of technology,
best distance learning pedagogy,
and quality online curriculum with
exemplary secondary classroom
teachers to provide individual choice,
scholarship, and achievement. “Combining face-to-face with fully
online components optimizes both
environments in ways impossible in
other formats”
-Educause Research Bulletin, 2004 Students carry a laptop from class to class
Follow a regular school schedule adhering to the union contract
Extended school day used to increase instruction based on data
All students are encouraged and sometimes mandated to attend Saturday School
90% of curriculum was online through Apex Learning
Combined with digital content/curriculum, LMS, online assessments, and data systems
A shift from lecture to student-centered instruction where students become interactive learners
Teachers become mentors and learning coaches VOISE
Evolves Breakthrough model successfully established but more growth was needed Teachers need the ability to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our students Students need differentiation and more engagement Importance of LMS Badge/Engage/Progress
> Grade/Talk/Distribute Mobile Learning Show me! Real
Success Success Tablets Boards Streamline grading and feedback
Remove the fear of failure
Engage students with progress
Bridging synchronous and asynchronous discussion
Planner and calendar create structure and foster responsibility
Edmodo: Social Networking + LMS Learning Management System:
Platform for online courses and digital tools
Students need a structured environment to receive curriculum and teacher support
Communication is both synchronous (i.e., real-time) and asynchronous
Asynchronous: Email and threaded discussions
Synchronous: Video, audio, text chat, and whiteboard - iNACOL Report, 2007 Statistics reveal that most high school dropouts are kinesthetic learners (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory)
These students have a high need for movement and benefit from opportunities to work with peers, choose what they read... These strategies have been especially beneficial for boys (Newkirk, 2003; Thies, 1999/2000). As Blended as it Gets iPads + Apple TV = Engagement Teachers Helping Teachers:
Digital Collaboration VOISE
Reading & Writing Attendance
VOISE: 82 (Area: 73)
1 Year Drop Out
VOISE: .6 (Area: 10.8)
Freshman On Track
VOISE: 77 (Area: 63)
ACT Gains
1.2 (Highest in Network)
VOISE: 80% (CPS: 60) CPS Spotlight on
Technology Award
Winner - 2012 Ck-12 How to Start How it Looks Flexbooks: Free online textbooks
Standards aligned, pre-created
Ability to pick and choose chapters and concepts
Edit pre-existing content or create your own
Embed all forms of media to engage students When used correctly, digital tools, media, and content allow teachers to reach students normally forgotten
Engage students
Improve logistics/communication
Encourage collaboration
Create more learning opportunnities
No teaching to the "middle" but to all students
Example: Self-pacing through asynchronus lecture Aaryn Finklea- 2012 Gates Milenium
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