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Digital Citizenship and Online Learning

No description

Natalie Geesaman

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship and Online Learning

Self-Expression vs. Inhibition
This is when you act like someone else because you are ashamed of yourself or for another reason. This happens the most on peoples internet life because they want to be someone else. By doing this you are setting yourself up for failure, because when the people who know you see what you said about yourself they'll question you about why you falsely presented yourself.
Copyright Fair Use
Digital Footprint
Digital footprints are like the tracks you leave in the sand. The information you search online, who you associate with online, the games you play, and the details you give out is your digital footprint. These footprints you created can not be erased. Your digital footprints are used for your jobs and they can affect your future as well.
Targeting and Tracking by Search Engines
Companies target and track search engines by using cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that sends what you brows back to the server.
What Is Digital Citizenship?
Digital citizenship is the life you have online and how you use that life. You should always be a good digital citizen because if you are that means you are using your computer right.
Digital Citizenship & Online Learning
Online Profile
Your online profile is the information you leave about yourself on all the sights you have visited. These websites that you have visited and given information may be saving it by putting and saving it into a database. Your online profile can be a very hurtful thing to your future life as well.
Targeting and Tracking by Cell Phones
Federal officials use your cell phone to know where you are, where you were, who you talked to, and what you post or posted on social medias. They began to do this because of robberies, etc. As they kept doing this they kept looking into your personal data. So, the things you do with your phone aren't private, and if something bad is on it you could affect your future.
When you use or copy the work of someone else without giving them credit is not copyright fair use. Giving the creator of something you must give credit because it is right to do so. By giving the creator credit it is respectful and you didn't come up with the part they did.
Perspective- the view or outlook of someone, based on their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and background
Target- a person who is the object of an intentional action
Offender- a person who intentionally commits acts to hurt or damage someone
By-stander- a person who passively stands by and observes without getting involved
Up-stander- a person who supports and stands up for someone else
Credit for Creative Work
Creative Commons
Viruses and Worms
Viruses happen from people who want to destroy your data. Some viruses can cause minor problems or permanently destroy data. They take advantage of the resources available on an affected system. Worms are often refereed to as viruses because they are very similar. they don't attach themselves to other files or programs. they also exist as separate entities.
What Do You Do If You Or A Friend Is Targeted?
How Do You Tell If A Person Is A Target?
Define Bullying and Online Cruelty
Phishing and Scams
Phishing is when someone sends you a email, text, etc., to fake websites to get your personal and financial information. Scams are when someone tries to trick you this is usually because they are trying to steal money or private information.
Bullying is a bigger person repeatedly makes fun of someone or hurts them. Online Cruelty is when someone humiliates
Creative commons is a website with copyrighted images that you can use in certain specified ways. With creative commons the owners of the image will allow you to use their images for remixing. There are some owners that don't let people remix their picture, so it's smart to check if you're allowed.
What you do is block the bully out, and don't give them the attention they want. Tell a trusted friend or adult and create a support team. Save any evidence because it could come in handy later on. You can help the target by standing up to the offender. Help the target get new friends to stand up for them as well.
If a person you see everyday is constantly harassed and threatened every time you see them by a bigger person they are being bullied. Some kids that are happy when you're with them, but become unhappy when they pass the bully is a sign he/she is the bully. Also, people that laugh at victims when they make a mistake or get hurt are being bullied.
When you use a picture took by someone else and don't give them credit is not credit for creative work. When you use a photo for remixing or something else to must give them credit or else you could be sued.
The Great Depression!
the time period was 1929-1939
the longest and worst economical disaster in the history of the Western industrial world
1933- 13 to 15 millions people were unemployed
in the US it began after the stock market crashed in 1929

The Ruin It Left On The World
Works Cited
Effects in America
1933- 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed
crime rate went up as unemployed workers resorted to theft for food
prostitution was a resort for desperate women who need a way to make money
schools opened understaffed and some closed due to lack of funding
suicide rates rose
alcoholism increased due to people who wanted to escape this disastrous nightmare
the Works Project Administration a permanent jobs program employed 8.3 million people for 1935-1943
caused a lot of economic effects
affected countries that exported raw materials and the industrialized countries
malnutrition one of the severe outcomes of the Depression
people going to other countries to get a job created mass migration
farmers were unable to support mass produce due to lack of subsidies and loans
A&E Television Networks (1996-2014). The Great Depression. History. Retrieved from http://www.history.com/topics/great-depression
Pictures Of The Great Depression
Bread Lines
Protesting for Jobs
Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia (2008-2014). Social and Cultural Effects of the Depression. U.S.History. Retrieved from http://www.ushistory.org/us/48e.asp
Prabhakar, P. (2012). Effects of t Great Depression. Buzzel. Retrieved from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/effects-of-the-great-depression.html
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