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WWI political cartoons

No description

brett trinkle

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of WWI political cartoons

Alliance System
July, 11, 1918
Trench warfare
Trench Warfare
WWI Political Cartoons
This politically cartoon is about trench warfare and how people would not want to stick their heads above the trench otherwise they would have been killed. This “smart guy decides to you a use a periscope to see the enemy above the trench but really he will just end up shooting through it and hitting the dirt. But this is a very good political cartoon to explain how the war was like: no one wanted to raise above there trench, trying to find ways to not be killed but yet kill enemies. And if you look at the ground its filled with garbage. The trenches where very packed and full of dead bodies and other types of garbage. Overall this is a very amusing and realistic political cartoon, except for him trying to shoot through the periscope. And the mid-air battle’s in the background are very realistic to tie the scene altogether.
This political cartoon describes the alliances between each different place in Europe at the time of World War 1. If you were to attack Germany you would also attack Austria-Hungary and if you did it later in the war you would also be attacking Italy, That was the triple alliance. And then there was the triple entente consisting of Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, France. So if you were to attack any of these countries you would be bombarded with 2 to 3 different declaration of war. That's what a alliance does that’s why the war got so big is because this would have been a very small war over quickly but all this place’s joined in making bigger than it needed to be.
Mexican alliance
The Zimmerman note was founded on 19,1917 was a German treaty with New Mexico. Germany proposed Mexico to team up with them through a telegram. In return of their for corporation Mexico would gain land from the U.S during the Mexican War. The Mexican War lasted around 2 years. Under the treaty of Guadalupe, the United States would acquire Texas, New Mexico, Arizona Utah, Nevada, and California. If Mexico agreed to form an alliance with the central powers, It would become a danger to the U.S. Mexico did not end up singing it and this was one on the main reasons, The U.S joined the war is because Germany was poking over and over at the U.S. The U.S got word and the president and the people both supported the vote to send troops into WW1 which they would only be April 6, 1917 until the war would end on November 11, 1918

Who's To Blame?
This political cartoon is displaying how everyone is thinking it was Germany's fault because they declared war with France and Russia, a two faced war one of the hardest war strategies to do. This must have been made in the middle to start of the war because Italy is just sitting off to the side. But really later on they ended up joining Germany and Austria-Hungary. And on the that day the war declaration was signed the peace of Europe died and war took over. Every country with there big army wanted to support and join there favoring side. you see in the cartoon 5 different place’s are pointing at Germany.France, England,Belgium,Russia, and the big had to the right which is mostly likely the US. This is a good display of the european countries trying to point fingers saying each other one started it.
By: Brett Trinkle
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