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Torture and Interrogation in the Civil War

Methods and devices. The common, the cruel and the effective.

Kreen Teth

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Torture and Interrogation in the Civil War

The North The South Tourture and Interrogation in the Civil War Devices Methods Methods Devices Methods and devices.
The common, the cruel and the effective. If If If life were simple, I would be bored. Supermassive blackholes are the bomb! Interrogation Torture Tourture Interrogation Torture Interrogation Interrogation Torture Initially, captured confederate soldiers were to be treated as any other criminal. They were to be fed, clothed and sheltered, but largely ignored, scorened and treated with averted eyes when a particularly drunk or angry soldier decided to beat them. Their conditions were also very unsanitary (to say the least) and sickness was not uncommon. When desises hit a camp, the prisoners got the worst of it. As the war progressed, regulations changed so they would be treated as "prisoners of war" to try and invoke better treatment for their soldiers captured in the South. As a prisoner of war, not much changed. The soldiers were usually short on rations in the first place so they weren't fed more, and clothing was just as scarce. The only really notable change was among larger companies, especially with respected high-ranking officers who had a reputation to uphold. Soldiers caught beating a prisoner (who had commited no further crime than to have previously been with the confederacy) were whipped and otherwise punished. Hi everyone!! Whee!! Big words! Farther out! Uber-whee!! Haha! muahahahaha!! Sweet! http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1222091 For prisoners who were to be interrogated, they would first be tortured, if not immediatly compliant, and then put under pressurous situations to invoke a need to release stress, hopefully through awnsers to their questions. As the prisoners complied, the stimuli
(such as lack of food, water or not being allowd to relive yourself) were removed as a reward to encourage more responses.
As the prisoners complied, the stimuli
(such as lack of food, water or not being allowd to relive yourself)
were removed as a reward to encourage more responses. http://tigger.uic.edu/~rjensen/prisons.htm Pretty much, torture methods were the things I mentioned for the interrogation methods, as generally a prisoner had to be tortured to be interrogated. Methods were also limited to available devices. Sources so far... This is where they switch roles.
The devices used were usually for torture excepting when it came to food and other such stimuli. http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Andersonville_prison http://www.sodahead.com/fun/which-is-the-worst-torture-device/question-693695/ The "Wooden horse" was a triangular beam that had one of the edgees pointing upward. The "tourturee" would have their hands tied behind their backs as they were set upon it, and weights were tied to their ankles. http://www.francesfarmersrevenge.com/stuff/archive/torture/colonial.htm The torture methods were also punishment for the soldiers, and one of the most common was being "clogged" of having a huge weight tied to the person and making then drag it with them wherever they go. It could be a tree trunk, subbourn horse, stump or barrel of wine. Also common, was to be whipped (also called flogged) and branded. The numberof lashes would depend on the crime or need for information. This and the others listed could often leave the victem permanatly maimed.
Other times, they were maimed on purpose, such as sliting their nostrils and slicing off an ear. More sources... Essentially, the methods were the same as the North. Having only been a seperate country for a few weeks, there wasn't really much time to develope huge cultural differences, so they used pretty musch the same methods. As with the North, the torture depended upon the interrogation. It's the same cheese with interrogation as it was in the North...
it depends on the torture. Echoing the Norrth, the South used the Wooden Horse,
flogging, branding and maiming as torture methods.
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