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Edinburgh's Festivals: National Treasure or Festival Fatigue

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Jane Ali-Knight

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Edinburgh's Festivals: National Treasure or Festival Fatigue

Edinburgh's Festivals: National Treasure or Festival Fatigue?
Dr. Jane Ali-Knight
Edinburgh Napier University

October 29, 2014

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Every year Edinburgh plays host to 12 key festivals branded under the title of '
Edinburgh Festivals.'
'...a cultural phenomenon, celebrated globally and treasured locally’
Lady Susan Rice, Chair, Festivals Forum
The City as a continuous festival
'The (temporary) transformation of the town into a specific symbolic space in which the utilisation of the public domain..is under the spell of a particular cultural consumption pattern' (van Elderen,1997)
'The festivalisation of culture penetrates all areas of the arts.......Festivals have the capacity to become a city's distinguishing mark: what is Pamplona without its bull-run, Edinburgh without the fringe and Bayreuth without Wagner?'
(Hidden Europe, 2007)
'...poly-systematic nature of the festival experience would appear to be a most crucial factor in the whole festivalisation process and its impact on society' (Lev-Aladgem, Hauptfleisch and Sauter, 2007)
Edinburgh's Festivals
To conclude.......
The Context - Festivalisation
'Development of an integrated approach to the relationship between the city and its events, which maximises the benefits of the event programme as a whole' (Richards and Palmer, 2010)
The Context - Eventful Cities
World’s biggest programme of summer arts festivals from 30 July to 5 September 2010
50 surveys, 12 festivals, 15 000 respondents
Study suggests the festivals are now worth more than £250m to the Scottish economy.
Festival tourism - at £261m in 2010 - was worth more than golf tourism to Scotland.
Edinburgh festivals were worth five times as much as single events such as Glastonbury.
Measuring Success - the policy makers view
Developing the Eventful City
Developing an effective stakeholder networkk
Creating a Strategic Vision
Programming the eventful city
Monitoring Audiences
Ensuring Sustainability
Marketing Events to publics and audiences
Wider Festival Impacts
Cultural Sector Development
Civic Role
Economic Driver
Tourism Gateway
Global Positioning
Festival and Events Product Lifecycle
Doxey's Irridex of Irritation (1975)
Festival Fatigue
Root or Parachute?
Local Ownership
Search for the authentic
93% of parents surveyed thought that attending festivals increased their child's imagination
89% thought the festivals increased their sense of pride in the city
93% thought they made their city stand out as special and unique
Measuring success - the resident view
Edinburgh's original and varied festivals bring increased visitation, economic input and help place the destination on the global cultural stage
However increased congestion, external competition,rising prices and pressures on government and commercial funding creates challenges for the festivals moving forward
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