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Grace Sanders

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

by Grace S and Sierra W Demi Lovato Demi's story: What is Bipolar Disorder? Being bipolar means that you have really disruptive (BAD) moodswings. You usually have this frenzied stage of mania, before you crash into depression. At a high level of mania, you act impulsively and erratically,based on unrealistic ideas about the future. You probably have trouble with sleep. At the highest level, you'll probably have some psychotic behavior, including violence (refer back to Demi hitting one of her dancers in the video.) So, if you have bipolar disorder, you're depressed and severely moody. -Eva Mendez
-famous actress- Eva Mendez on bullying-
"I wanted to make myself smaller inside. "Love is Louder Than Hate <3" Stay Strong! Be Yourself! Be Confident! "I couldn't turn to my parents." Confidence is Power! Christina
Aguilera Rihanna Miley
Cyrus Angelina
Jolie Taylor Swift Kristen Stewart Megan Fox Taylor Lautner Emma Watson Oprah Winfrey Justin Bieber Sandra Bullock Prince Harry of London Anne Hathaway Robert Pattinson Barack Obama Tim Gunn Justin Timberlake Micheal Phelps Micheal Jackson Harrison Ford Mel Gibson Leona
Lewis Janet
Jackson Jessie J Whitney
Houston Madonna You might know Jessie J from her hit "Price Tag" You might know Leona Lewis from her popular song "Bleeding Love" You probably know Madonna from her performance at the 2012 Superbowl. You might know Janet Jackson as Michael Jackson's sister. You might recognize Christina Aguilera as a judge on the reality show, "The Voice" You could know Harrison Ford as "Indiana Jones" or "Han Solo" from Star Wars. You might know Tim Gunn as a fashion designer on the hit reality show "Project Runway". You might know Mel Gibson as "the Patriot". You probably know Michael Phelps as the famous Olympic swimmer. Love Is Always Louder! Be the Best You! You're Not Aone! Speak Up! Stop the Madness! Love YOURSELF! You are Amazing! "It was a way of expressing my own shame of myself on my own body"
- Demi Lovato on cutting herself. "The only way that I could to get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself" "My mom was terrified
of walking into my room in the
morning sometimes
becasue she
didnt know what she would
find. Because it had become that serious."
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