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Writing Process

A Presentation on the Writing Process and the steps within it, created for metacognitive unit on writing, its component parts, processes and assessment

Zach Vaughn

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Writing Process

The Writing Process Pre-writing Drafting Revising Editing Publishing Looks like:
freewrite, outline, notes, web
Looks like:
Writing sentences and paragraphs
Looks like:
Rewriting or rearranging sentences to make sense. Looks like:
Correcting grammar and punctuation.
Use proofreading symbols Looks like:
Sharing your work.
Clean published draft or presentation Step 1: Identify, Define and give examples of each of the 5 stages of writing. Step 2: Make a poster where you Identify, Define and give examples of each of the 5 stages of writing.
Use this presentation and your poster to present the information you wrote on your worksheet to the class.
Everyone in your group must have an equal share of the work. Step 3: Pre-write, Draft, Revise, Edit and Create a Final Draft of a half-page paragraph about your favorite thing to do.
Write a paragraph about how you showed each stage of writing.
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