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daniel wasko

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of MARS

Why mars it is called like that
Where is mars ?
Mars is 128.4 million miles from the sun, approximately
1.4 times the distance of Earth
Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.
The red planet was named so because the color of the Romans reminded them of their war god Mars

The Romans and the Greeks associated the planet with war because its color resembles the color of blood

It is called "red planet" because of the reddish color of its soil, caused by the oxidation of the iron minerals that make it up.

Water on Mars
Scientists have found water on the surface of Mars. there was channels, valleys...on the planet’s surface.If the evidence were correct the water could be present on the rocky surface of Mars. A space probe has also discovered vast amounts of ice beneath the surface, most was near the south pole.
It has only a 0.03% of water

It has been scientifically tried that there is an ocean on Mars called Oceanus Borealis

Through the study of meteorites, scientists claim that volcanoes flooded Mars with water

There is a 2015 NASA study in which there appears to be salt water on Mars

Layers of Mars
1.- core: has an external liquid molten rock core
2.- mantle
3.- crust: seems to oscillate between 30 and 80 kilometers of thickness
Facts of mars
Satellites of Mars
Mars has two satellites:
Phobos (fear): of approximately 21 km in diameter.
Deimos (terror): of only 12 km.
Mars an the earth has approximately the same mass.
Mars is home of the biggest mountain of the solar system.
Only 18 missions of mars are successful.
Mars has the largest dust storm of the solar system, produced by the soil erosion
The great differences of temperature produce very strong winds
Its soil is dry and oxidizing.
Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth

Valley Marineris and Mount Olympus
Mars has a cratered surface, but above all Mount Olimpo, a huge volcano with a height of 25 km and the Marineris valley, is very similar to the Great Canyon of the United States, it could be that erupted the great volcanoes and caused The earth would open.

Mars is so different from Earth mostly because Mars is much the farthest from the sun and is much smaller than Earth.
The average radius (distance from its center to the surface) of Mars is 3,390 kilometers, about half the radius of the Earth.
On Mars there is no life and on earth, yes.
On Mars you weigh half as much as on Earth
The mass of Mars is one-tenth of that of Earth, and its size is half
While in the Earth's atmosphere there are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, in Mars´s atmosphere there is only carbon dioxide.
In both planets, the amount of water vapor is small.
Mars and Earth compared to

Mars rotation and revolution
Mars rotates counterclockwise as the earth. It takes 24 hours and 37 minutes while the rotation of the earth is 23 hours and 56 minutes
The Martian year lasts 687 days and
the terrestrial year 365.25 days.
Surface area: 144.79.500 km2
Temperatures on Mars are lower than on Earth as it is much further away from the sun.
As the Martian year is approximately twice as long as that of the earth its seasons also last almost double that ours.
The average temperature is -63 C
Its climate is colder than on Earth because it father from the sun
There are up to 130 degrees below zero overnight.
Weather and temperature
Its average temperature is too cold so it does not seem probable the existence of life.
Mars is the God of war
Volcanic provinces
There is three:
The plateaus of Tharsis.
The plateaus of Elisium.
The basin of Hellas.
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