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Bad Blood

No description

Sara Johnson

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Bad Blood

You've got problems. . . .
Personal Pronouns!
There are so many ways to come at gun violence but the most affective is fighting it in general. It doesn’t help when
aren’t doing anything. It may seem like an impossible task to stop gun violence as a whole, but every gun way take away from those who aren’t supposed to have guns is saving lives. As Christians it is impossible to be perfect but
are still called to try and be perfect so way may save other lives. Locally this is a big issue, but it is more than that. It’s more than just stopping gun violence. This issue is not about stopping but about saving. Lives are the most important thing given to
and that is why everyone needs to take a stand. God put
on this earth to make a difference, and just because
know God has his own plan, that doesn’t mean he
can bank on God doing all the work. Maybe God put
on this work to save others, other lives. Even though it may seem impossible from a citizens stand point, as long as
look for guns in
are doing a huge help to the society and to the Nation.
Show, Don't Tell
talk about the resolution that the world is trying to find. Many groups have came together and formed organizations against all types of discrimination. One in particular is the IMADR (The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism).
They main purpose is to combat discrimination and racism.

They have taken much action around the world.
(missiom statement) To reach people they have published books and held conferences around the world. IMADR have had marches in different countries as well. But they are not the only ones that have took action globally.
Then last week, before a pareddown $296 million version of the deal, set for Tuesday, Governor Bruce Rauner said the system may need bankruptcy protection, an option that’s not legally open to it
.( http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/20150421/chicagoschoolshauntedbybankruptcychatteraheadofbondsale)
Bella, Peter. Chicago Now. 2015. Chicago Tribune. 2015.
Colby, Claire. The Borgen Project. 2015. 16 November 2015.
Feeding America. 2015. 20 November 2015.
Gash, Megan. Freedom From Hunger. 2015. 2015.
Stop Hunger Now. 2015. 20 November 2015.

Solutions, Not Problems.
Terrorism can be reduced and prevented dramatically locally if there was more
security in public places
where a lot of people are at and which are easy targets
for terrorists to
sneak into and just blend in as normal people.
places are things such as schools, movies,
malls and just other public venues where a lot of people gather together in one spot.
(Not parallel)

spots are very vulnerable due to the lack of security technology.
there were more security scans in
places such as malls then it would make it a much safer environment especially since in major
cities such as
which have malls that are used as tourist attractions. If these were more
secured, then they would not be as easy targets as they are as of now, because practically anyone
can get into these malls without even being looked
at twice but
could be the most dangerous in
the building and no one would even know because there is no way of checking if they have
bombs or any type of explosives or weapons which can take out a lot or all of the people in the
In schools it can be prevented by having random bag checks or metal detectors that
students have to walk through before entering the school, because
school shootings are a big
in the country today and it could happen any day but we can’t prevent it because
schools don’t know if someone has any type of weapons or anything that can hurt other students
or staff at the school. Even at Illiana in 1987 when there was a student that
a handgun to
school and shot a teacher. If there was more security at the
school then
wouldn’t have been
able to happen or at least it could’ve been prevented
when finding out that he had a gun.

but I'm sure you can solve them.
Thesis Statements!
Every year the population of homelessness increases in most states
. (Homeless World Cup Organization)
Discrimination is an epidemic in
society that has been lingering throughout world history, and needs to be solved and is being resolved by
local programs, national laws, and international organizations.
Terrorism can be prevented locally by stricter security
at public places
such as schools and
malls by
nationally by not letting in
refugees to the U.S. and globally by not making deals with
to not make nuclear weapons.
Works Cited

One third of these women got involved in prostitution at age 15, and 62% at age 18.
(CCCWI, 2007; Raphael & Ashley, 2008)
African Americans
are oppressed by the government, police brutality, and racism
it's about time to change that.
Correct Citations Look Like This:
In text citations after quotes:

In text citation that are not quotes:
The Christian Reformed Church follows this through its Office of Social Justice. They offer resources on prison ministry training created by the Reverend John Lamsma that focuses on Restorative Justice
“Yes, he can love her. He can do that. But he can’t love her just for himself. He has to love her for her, too. That means he has to learn to let her live the life that can come to her with a new home
” (Schmidt).
Correct Work Cited
Work Cited
"Therapists, and a Desire to Distance: Secondary English Pre-service
Teachers Reasoning about Their Future Students". N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Aug.

Schmidt, Gary D.
Orbiting Jupiter
. New York: Clarion Books, 2015. Print.

Rought, Karen. "Gary D. Schmidt talks Orbiting Jupiter cover reveal,
inspiration." Hypable. N.p., 24 Feb. 2015. Web. 1 July 2015.

What is this being addressed and what are some solutions to these problems?
that a solution to help eliminating some of the nationally government corruption would be allowing people to fund their own local elections so that the representatives that they vote for will actually represent them in Congress. This would also allow people who don’t have wealthy contact to run for office and it would reduce the pressure on government representatives to sell their services.
This idea has been tried out
in many states
and it’s been very successful
. It is called The Fair Elections Now Act (Cohen).
that if
implement this new way of government into our local and national government, corruption in the government would be reduced.

On September 11, 2001, one of the most traumatic events took place in American History in New York City. A group of terrorists hijacked travel planes with United States citizens in them and flew the planes straight into the World Trade Centers in New York City. This was a mighty blow to the spirits of the American people.
haven’t had such a tragic event as that since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II. This attack was an act of terrorism, and is
attributed to being the first act of terrorism in the United States and the first to publicize and bring out the popularity and knowledge of terrorism throughout the world. The definition of terrorism is a rational behavior for an irrational act
(learned in Mr. White’s Intel Rel class)
. Terrorism is known as a main tactic of the weak against the strong. Terrorist attacks usually consist of
little spurts
of violence, usually killing innocent people, to scare or hurt the stronger nation or country.
Terrorism is a domestic problem throughout the world, causing death and destruction to innocent people. Terrorism is an issue that keeps growing and causing havoc globally in today’s world.
aka Your Essay of Exemplification
One Last Note(s):
1. You don't need extra spaces between your paragraphs.

2. We can tell if your font is bigger than required (same for line spacing and margins).

3. Band-aids don't fix bullet holes. Put the time in, because papers are not about to go away any time soon.
In conclusion, terrorism is something that will never be able to be taken care of in this world.
need to act upon it though and take it down as much as
can. People will always not agree with politics and laws but they are in place for a reason.
have been changed by 9/11 and
security is much more elite.
do not play any games anymore and
fight for our freedom. Terrorism is something that is awful and is taking down people much more rapidly than
Terrorism is an act of violence for political aspects and is growing in this world locally, nationally, and globally.
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