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Lam Tszki

on 2 December 2013

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you can make a dazzling Christmas tree, also proposed
outdoor lighting can be installed timer.
*Replace traditional light by LED
(reducing 80% of electricity consumption)

*TO adpot the low carbon living concept some hotel has changed their Christmas illumination to LED light bulb

The building beside the vitoria Harbour
Tsim Sha Tsui Centre,Empire Centre,
Regal Kowloon Hotel,
InterContinental Grand Stanford and
Hotel Nikko Hong Kong


design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Group mates:
Wong Man Hung (12211443)
Chan Sharon (12208744)
Lam Tsz Ki (12209619)
Wu Man Chiu (12208876)
Yu Yeun Chun (12204455)
Yip Tai Yin (12211044)

Step 1.1
Reduce Food Waste
Step 1.2
Eating less meat products
*Consumption of beef in Hong Kong is one of the highest ranks around the world

2 times more …….
7 times more than ………

Step 1.2
Eating Less Meat Products.
**86,000 cars emission = Hong Kongers without meat a day

Lower the carbon footprint caused by the diet

Preparation for journey
What is low carbon living?
-- To reduce the reliance of fossil fuel , eventually minimize the GHGs emission and culture a smarter way to live

-Cook more organic food

*Try our best to lessen the time to dine out at Christmas
*3,500 tones of food are wasted each day in Hong Kong,
especially in festival time

**According to Greeners - Action, 84% of the respondents committed that would not finish their meal causing waste
food, only 826 people would just finish it

Step 2.1
Reduce using wrapping paper.
Wrapping paper need a lot of steps to produce.

*The most carbon emission step is cutting down trees to make paper.*

**Deforestation reduce tons of tree ongoing photosynthesis.
Therefore, less carbon dioxide is converted back to oxygen.
Start Point
- We always use too much wrapping paper and other
disposable utensils during festival, especially


Green festival
promotes the reduction of waste and
keeping the day

We can do several steps to reduce energy waste during celebrating our Christmas.

Follow the steps below. And you can have a green festival :D
Step 2.1
Reduce using wrapping paper
*We should not use too much wrapping paper.
We can use newspaper or recycled wrapping
paper instead of buying new ones.

*This not only can help reduce waste !
Step 2.2
Using "pure" paper wrapping
-Nowadays, wrapping paper are made to be attractive and colorful.

-Manufacturing company usually coat a layer of plastic on the surface to make it firm and add on special effects.

- Make it more easy to be recycled as paper with any coating could not be recycled.

Step 2.3
Sending environmental-friendly gift
-Electronic gift cards

-Choosing recycled material gifts
We all can enjoy a


We would buy in a smarter way.
1. Lengthen its life span
2. Reuse the 'garbage’
3. Recycle

Energy, Environment & Sustainablity
Group Presentation

Step 2.3
Sending Electronic Gift Card
-Gift card can be reused
Instead of buying useless decorations for Christmas gift exchange
Electronic gift card is far useful
-The idea of gift card like the Octopus,
when the reciever uses up the credit, they can fill it up again by themselves
Of course!
Make sure you have bought
a little among of credit!!!!!
Don't just giving a card!
Step 2.3
Sending Electronic Gift Card
-Having a problem of buying what
present? A gift car can help you.
-The receivers no longer need to worry
receiving presents that are useless or which
they dislike
Buy what you longed for with a card in hand
Step 3
Energy saving designs in Christmas illumination
current situation
A survey found out -----throughout the Christmas
the electricity consumed

404 tones
CO2 = 1600 double-decker buses!!!

Step 3
Energy Saving Designs in Christmas Illumination
*Buy what we


but not we

Step 3
Energy Saving Designs in Christmas Illumination
Step 3
Energy Saving Designs in Christmas Illumination
-Compact dimensions, longevity, and robust construction are on
the list but efficacy is the feature that comes up most in comparisons.

- It is cost effective for their extended useful life of >30,000 hours
(more than 10-15 years).

Although the unit price of an LED bulb is expensive
a compact fluorescent light bulb to LED electricity, enough to subsidize the cost of the lamp.
- Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas lights at home,
people should remember to

*turn off the lights before going to sleep.*

- Optional
LED Christmas lights
: LED bulbs than ordinary light bulbs
**save about 90% of the electricity**
, so that people spend only pennies a day.
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