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PSY Final Project

No description

Jes Tuttle

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of PSY Final Project

Through my journal I started noticing several things about my self control. Most of all, that I lacked it in several aspects of my life. The most challenging things I faced in controlling myself were my diet(limiting my portions) and restricting my time on my computer. What helps us control what we do in a day?

What factors hinder us in our tasks that we need to get done?

Are To-Do Lists helpful in accomplishing our tasks? Turning Point To answer these questions I kept a journal of my to-do lists and how well I followed the tasks I set for myself. I also paid attention to my mood when I did/didn't get as much done as I wanted, how well I controlled myself in eating a healthy diet, and how much sleep I had gotten on days when I accomplished more things compared to other days. Results Challenge Self Control During this study I started thinking that perhaps the best way to improve self-control would be to make good habits, such as getting up on time, instead of sleeping in, but I found out that you need self control to form good habits. Forming good habits and good self-control go hand in hand. Concerning self-control I've found that paying specific attention to your self-control allows you to notice what you need to improve and then you can begin to fix those areas with a mindful concentration, but it takes a lot more time and is definitely not a part of you that you can easily perfect. Even on things that one might have good self control in, it is possible to lapse if these factors are present:
Sleep Deprivation
Emotional Disturbance(depression, anger, etc...) To Do Lists are beneficial in helping visualizing the things needed to be done, but the way I was doing the lists was more like trying to plan out my whole day. Throughout the course of this journal I have learned that making priority lists work better for me because then I work on the top priorities that need to be done and don't feel guilty if I don't accomplish the lower priority items and I can work on them the next few days.
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