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Jefferson Middle

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of liptak&stewart

RJ and Stephanie Grasslands 4 kinds of Animals 4 kinds of plants Weather Continents with grasslands in the area Natural Resources Fun Facts Affected ecosystem 1.Black rhinos
2.Geoffrey cat
3.White rhinos
4.Zebras 1.Bamboo
3.Split Beard stem
4.Sunflower Rainfall
about 20-35cm of rain a year
about 70 degrees 1.Stinging neetle
2.Bamboo 1.Africa
5.North America
6.South America 1.Giraffes are the tallest grassland species.
2.In the wild, grasses don't get mowed weekly, they grow their natural heights.
3.Of the 40 species endemic to South America are found in the Grassland Biome.
4.Of the 92 threatned land mammals in South America 18 can be found in the Grassland Biome. 1.Poachers kill rhinos in the Grasslands
2.Poachers are people who hunt animals illegally Size of Ecosystem It is about one quarter big
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