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Saurav Kumar

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

LPG Management

This login page is for admins and for users.
Lets login as an Admin with user name "admin1" and password "gas".
Later we will login as an user and see its Rights.
Welcome to
the final
Projector y

After Sucessful Login
Admin Pannel
stock managment
Report Generation
User Registration
Product Manipulation
Before customer registration Admin updates the product
Stock gets updated automatically at the database by php scripts
Now an admin or user is ready to register any customer
Admin Adding a Product
Database Schema for product_details
As the product is inserted Stock Too gets updated
Stock manipulation includes
-Updating directly all the details
-Update delivered details
-Update empty cylinder received
-Update Cylinder Sent for refill
-View the Stock
Stock details along with other manipulation items
Admin Then registers the Supplier for its products
Admin can add ,delete or also can update the supplier details
Admin Adding Supplier Details
Database schema for supplier_details
Stock Manipulation's under Admin Panel
UI for Updating Directly all the details
UI for Updating Delivered No. Of Cylinders
UI for updating the Empty Cylinders recieved
UI for updating the refill Cylinder Recieved
User Logs In
User has limited functionality
User has limited functionality than that of an admin
Here User logs in by username "user1" and password "team19"
UI For user login
After Successful Log in
User's responsibility
Customer Registration
Customer details are entered on the user interface
Unique customer ID is generated for every customer
Any further booking or billing is done by the unique customer id generated
UI for customer Registration
Interface if successfully registered
Booking Through Customer ID
Auto Correlation with last booking date
unique Serial No. Generated for billing Purpose.
UI for booking of cylinders
Bill generation after booking
View Billing Details
Through Customer ID Extracting the billing details
UI for Billing Details
Bill for a valid Customer ID
Admin Logs In At the end of day
Admin Updates all the Delivered cylinders
Admin Updates all the Empty Cylinders Received
Admin Updates all the Cylinders sent for refill
Admin Closes the day and next day reopens it
Updating Delivered Cylinders
UI For Updating
Stock Details After Update
Updating Empty Cylinder received
UI for Updating
Stock after update
Updating cylinder sent for refill
UI for updating
Stock after update
Updating refilled cylinders on stock
UI for updating
Stock after update
last but not the least
stock after closing day
Stock after fresh day
Admin Adds product or supplier if so.
Same Cycle Repeats And the business goes on
Admin also maintains the other products detail
Thank You
Team 19 :
Saurav kumar
karan sachdeva
madhur sachdeva
kashish gupta
neelima bajpai
bushra praveen
Vishal pandey
Mentor : Sridhar Sir
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