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Touching Spirit Bear

No description

Gaby B

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

Climax Rising Action Rising Action Cole is left with a lot of scars and wounds following the attack. Unfortunately, he is still stubborn, but he admits that "the Spirit Bear was also a memory that would never disappear from his mind or heart." Six months later, Cole is found in a second Circle Justice meeting and wants to return to the island. Cole participates in many dances that help him express his anger. He also imagines his anger "rolling away" just like the ancestor rock. He finally feels ready for the anger dance and Cole slowly learns how to appreciate his life through looking at nature and the metaphors given by Edwin. Gaby B, Sarah L , Alex M Touching Spirit Bear Exposition Cole Matthews, an abused 14 year old boy from Minnesota, robs a store and beats up Peter Driscal. He is found in a Circle Justice meeting to fix his behavior. Cole arrives on an island in Alaska with Garvey, his parole officer, and Edwin, a Klingkit Indian. After Cole gets really angry, he tries to Lastly, he tries to escape by swimming. "With every stroke forward...he was pushed two strokes backwards." (page 41) Resolution Cole fixes his relationship with Peter, and they both realize that they simply did not understand each other. In the end, they carve a totem pole together and become friends. escape the island. He also burns the cabin that Edwin builds for him and is very frustrated. Feeling threatened, the Spirit Bear attacks Cole in a desperate attempt to save his life. This was a life-changing event to Cole and he started to realize his own weaknesses. Person vs. Person Person vs Self Cole is back at the island but now has new responsibilities, including building his own cabin. Edwin tells him that he must soak in a cold river and carry an ancestor rock up a mountain every day. This time, Cole says that he does not want to mess up, and reluctantly goes along with it. Cole learns that Peter has tried to kill himself and invites him over to the island. Peter does come, but is too frightened of Cole. He becomes very angered at Cole and tries to beat him up, leaving Cole with trying to control his anger. Falling Action Eventually, Peter softens up to Cole because Cole teaches him how to relieve his anger through the same methods Edwin taught him. Person vs.
Nature Person vs. Person Person vs. Self (Peter)
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