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INLS 534 - Class 1

No description

Casey Rawson

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of INLS 534 - Class 1

Please pick up a token and choose any seat.
Welcome to INLS 534!
Meet your instructor...
Sakai / Emails
Class breaks (?)
Youth and Technology in Libraries
What are your earliest memories of technology?
Free Write
Brief overview and questions
What do you find most striking / surprising about the statistics in this week’s readings? Do these statistics alarm you, excite you, both, or neither?
GROUP TWO (Shapes)
What (if anything) do you think is different about the current generation of children and teens? What do you think is the same?
Look over individually (5-10 minutes).
Reading Highlights
Next Class
No class next week (Casey @ ALISE)
1/28: Technology in the library; first reading response due at 2:00 on 1/27
Interpreted broadly, from birth through adolescence
Both public and school
What IS Technology?
Kline (1985) described four definitions:
1. Technology as hardware: Things made by man (not
naturally occurring) to reach a desired end.
2. Technology as manufacturing: The entire process /
system used to make a piece of hardware, including
people, machines, electricity, etc.
3. Technology as methodology: The knowledge, routines,
methods, and skills used to make the hardware.
4. Technology as a social system of use: How we use the
hardware; social processes built onto or connected with
the hardware, manufacturing, and/or methodology.
1. Reading Responses
2. Emerging Technology in Libraries
3. Grant Proposal
4. Class participation
Post to the Sakai forum 24 hours before each class; may skip 2 with no penalty.
Individual (LilyPad Arduino) and group (technology of your choice) components; both due 3/18
More information and in-class workshop to come; basically, a ~20-page mock grant proposal.
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