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The Giver Ch.1-5

This is a presentation for The Giver. It summarizes chapters one through five.

Sally Pan

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The Giver Ch.1-5

By: Lois Lowry The Giver Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Five Chapter Four As Jonas comes home for dinnertime, he sits at the table as usual. Each day, his family has a ritual. They tell their feelings for their day. Each person has a turn to tell. When Jonas' father turn came, his father told them that he sneaked to look at the name list. He looked at it to see the name of a newchild that he was interested in. That newchild was not sure to be released,or not. Then, Jonas' turn came and Jonas said he was apprehensive. His parents told Lily, Jonas' sister,to go to bed while they talk to Jonas, privately. They start talking about how Lily entered their family. They talked about whenever the ceremony for ones happened, it was so noisy and fun. They talked about how children weren't supposed to learn to ride bikes until nine. Jonas was still worrying about what assignment he would be assigned to. As his father brought the newchild, Gabriel, Lily spotted out that Gabe's eyes were the same as Jonas' eye color. Lily want to be a birthmother, when his mother yelled at her. She explained to Lily that assignment had very little honor. As Jonas goes to the recreation center after school, he tossed an apple to Asher and noticed the apple changed. Jonas took the apple home and got in trouble. As Jonas goes to his volunteer hours with Asher, he parks his bike. They were at the House of the Old. They were assigned to bathe the Old. As Jonas cleans Larissa, she told him the story of when Roberto went through the door of releasing. She told him that Roberto had a happy smile across his face. As the morning comes, Jonas and his family does their morning ritual. They tell the dreams the had that night out loud. When it was Jonas' turn, he told his family that about his dream. He explained about wanting so much. His mother told him that he now has come to the time of stirrings. He was told that everyone gets it. Then, he went to school before he was going to be late.
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