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My Career; Profiling for the FBI.

No description

Dylan Porter

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of My Career; Profiling for the FBI.

By: Dylan Porter Profiling for the FBI. Yearly revenue Generally speaking, most "typical" Profilers make around 43,000 to 58,000 a year, depending upon the college degree they are renowned with. Actual Profiling. Profiles are somewhat akin to normal law enforcement, with the exception of the notoriety, and mental state of being of the criminal they are profiling, tracking, and hopefully at endgame, catching. Profilers also build up on a written and documented profile of the criminal they are tracking, so that they may choose and possibly form the most efficient tactics of going about catching the suspect, and/or criminal. Tactical efficiencies As a profiler, you must be extremely cautious and must have a good awareness about the environment around yourself, (While on the job, specifically to say, while you're out in public, or pursuing the suspect/criminal), to safely catch, or if/when a situation goes bad, injure, and in the worst of cases, kill. Tactics of most typical profilers include thinking like the criminal, and constantly asking yourself, "If I was this person, what would I do next?". BAU Teamwork Almost every existent profiler has a job on a BAU team, or (Behavioral Analysis Unit.). A team like this consists, (usually) of 5-8 profilers, and 1 hacker who you have communication to at all times. Charismatic Performances As a profiler, one must be exceptionally versed in the acts of communication. This helps talking a criminal down from hurting him/herself, hurting someone else, or choosing a very unwise decision. Profilers must be able to notice what they say, and how it affects the criminal. My Inspirations I have quite a few nameable and applicable inspirations for doing something in this field of work. The first and foremost would be that my mother is a Detective for the Summit County Police Department. The second would be that I want to help and protect people from criminals of a psychiatric and mental state of being that is highly rated and seen as unhealthy from qualified Physicians.
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