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ivonnes backup


Ivonne Scherfenberg

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of ivonnes backup

SOA requires a decenralized Identity Management SOA & Identities Trust Management Model-driven Security Manage Trust Levels for Transactions Use reputation for service selection Aid in quality assessment No global center to hold digital identities Future: Who will own your digital identity? Risk-based online transactions need verified identities In the Cloud: negotiate Computer Resources What do we need to rely on other parties? Welcome to the SOA Security Break-Out Session The SOA Security LAB Decentralized Identity Management HPI Identity Provider Cloud Computing: selecting computer resources using reputation The SuperShop Scenario Trust in Identities Reputation-based Selection of Services Policy Management Identity Selectors Repuatation and Quality Do we need new approaches in IDM? Consistency Scalibility Federation Trust Availability vs. Protection of Services Costs Traditional approaches face new challenges as: What about
verified identities? The idea of having
Open Identity Management Models Identity Management Models in SOA Why SOA Security requires
new approaches Don't replace! Integrate existing solutions. Several approaches exist to manage identities in SOA Demo:
Identity Provider How does it work? Can we find
security pattern
for SOA? Secure Service Compositions Aggregation of Security Requirements How to provide identity information to a composed service? How to build secure service compositions BSI SOA Security Kompemdium How to describe Security Requirements in a Domain-Independent Model? How to generate Security Policies? SecureSOA - Enhance Modelling Languages with Security Intentions How to transform Security Intentions? Demo: The SOA Security LAB How to integrate SecureSOA in any System Design Modelling Language? Want to read more?
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