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Amanda Todd bullying story

No description

Morgan Magdanz

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Amanda Todd bullying story

Amanda Todd
Amanda was 13 when she joined a social media chat room when a man added her and talked her into flashing him.
He threatened if she didn't give him what he wanted he would send that picture to everyone along with her address and contact information.
He send the picture to everyone and posted it on social media, people would tease her and bully her severely.
She became very depressed and developed major anxiety, she eventually moved schools.
The start of her story
Amanda Todd
After transferring to her new school she got into drugs and alcohol.
The man came back and created a Facebook account with the picture she sent as the profile picture.
All of her new friends started ignoring her, talking behind her back, and bullying her.
Amanda began self harming.
New School
Amanda Todd
Amanda moved to another new school where the kids were nice to her again, sh made some friends and a boy started talking to her.
This boy made Amanda feel special, like she actually meant something.
She soon came to find out he had a girl friend...
She now sits all by her self because this boy played her.
One day this guy his girlfriend and her friends targeted Amanda pushed her down and started punching her, bystanders just watched and filmed it.
She made her way to a ditch by the side of the road where her dad would find her.
Another School..
Amanda Todd bullying story
by; Morgan Magdanz & Kylie Kessler
Amanda Todd
Amanda returned home and tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach, she was rushed to a hospital where she got her stomach pumped.
She left her dads city to go live with her mom in a completely different city.
The bullying continued though.
Therapy mixed with anti-depressants did little to help her depression and anxiety.
She over dosed twice and kept self harming.
In September 2012 Amanda wrote her story on flash cards and recorded it on YouTube.
Amanda completed suicide in October 2012 after battling with depression for over a year.
Amanda's Video
Amanda Todd
This Video is of Amanda Explaining her whole story every detail.
Unwanted, aggressive behavior among people of all ages that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.
Why was Amanda bullied?
She wasn't very smart with her decisions she made on the internet.
She wasn't well liked because of the decisions she made.
She didn't really try to get help after the picture was leaked because once it is out there it's out there for ever
What did the witness' do?
People who witnessed her getting bullied online laughed along with it and posted mean comments about her as well.
When Amanda was getting beat up at school kids laughed, helped the bullies and video taped it. Even the teachers just stood there and watched.
How did the victim respond?
Amanda suffered from major anxiety and depression and began self harming.
She didn't feel like she belonged on this earth or was worth anything.
She went to counseling where she saw a therapist that tried to help her with her problems.
She attempted suicide many times but eventually completed it.

How to stop bullying in the school district.
Step 1- Have teachers at all time out in the hall when switching classes.
Step 2- Have bullying assembly's so people can see what it can really do to people.
Step 3- Standing up to the bullies.
Step 4- Tell an adult right away.
Stand in hall
Do a bullying activity each quarter
Stand up for the person getting bullied
Tell an adult as soon as possible.

What should victims do?
Tell and teacher
Tell a resource officer
Talk to someone

Step in and stick up
Tell a trusted adult
Be the victims friend
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