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MSCI 442 Debate: Privacy is dead - get over it!

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Zahra Bodla

on 7 March 2015

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Transcript of MSCI 442 Debate: Privacy is dead - get over it!

Why should you get over it?
Helps improve Security
The benefits of Suggestion Systems
The benefits of Social Media
The value of Big Data
Educate yourself on the issue of Privacy
The Benefits of Social Media
Connecting with family and friends
Online dating
Job match
The Value of Big Data
Know how to protect yourself!
Terrorism and National Security
Government agencies monitor Internet traffic to identify and prevent terrorist activities
Privacy is dead - get over it!
Team 20
Zahra Bodla | Ian Gresel | Amanda Kuk | Daniel Mok | Mykaela Rier | Sahiti Vanamala

GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking of Phones can aid users to find the way when they are lost
Google Personal Assistant
Personal assistance alerts for everyday life
Connecting with Family and Friends
Overcome geographical boundaries and reconnect with friends
Find long lost family members
Job Match
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