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Career Shadowing Sea World

No description

Ryan Schackne

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Sea World

Career Shadowing By: Ryan Schackne Who I Career Shadowed: Scott Gearhart Position: Senior Staff Veterinarian Primary purose and function of his position He is responsible for the maintenance of the health of the animal collections at Sea World Orlando, Discovery Cove, and Aquatica. The best thing he likes about his job! The best part he likes about his job is working with some of the coolest animals in the world. The least thing he likes about his job! The least thing he liked about his job is that sometimes he cant help certain animals and the most humane thing for me to do is to euthanize (put them to sleep) them. The toughest part of his job! The toughest part of his job is that the animals cant ever tell you "where it hurts," so many times you just have to make your best guess. Another difficult part of his job is that many of my patients live in the water, and that can present some problems with doing certain tests and treatments. My reflection of this job!!! What I liked about this job! What I disliked about this job! What I disliked about this job was about exactly why my mentor didnt like his job at some times would be because if there was some animals I couldnt help then I would have to put them down to end there misary. What I liked about this job was that I could be saving animals in destress with all there problems. I could bring life to other animals when the mom is pregnant. I would also love to be working and helping many different species of animals every day. Skills and Qualifications for the job! Skills!!! Qualifications!!! Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine Board certification in Veterinary Pathology Experiance with diagnostic evaluations Care and management of exotic animals Able to lift 50 pounds Experience!!! Requires five years diagnostic experience Doctorate in Veterinary medicine Diplomates status in the American College of Veterinary Pathology Average Salary! $113,554 per year Employability Skills! Sea World Company!!! Vetinarian Position!!! Work well with many departments Has to show respect Have good grooming to greet the guests Care for all of the animals On time for work On time for meetings Pictures! Warning!!! The following program is graphic from it being a sea section of an anteater!!! Anteater sea section video!!! Mr. Scott working on an injured polar bear! Mr. Scott cleaning a baby sea turtle with a que tip! Mr. Scott taking blood from a dolphin! Mr. Scott working with a baluga whale! Mr. Scott working with a sea lion
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