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Canterbury Tales: Franklin

No description

Alexis Ong

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales: Franklin

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer Alexis Ong Landowner The Franklin -Franklin -Sheriff -Justice at the Sessions -Member for the Shire He is a landowner, but gains money by working for the city as a tax collector and other city jobs royal tax collector,
execute legal orders, supervise lands,
maintain public order Day to Day Life Occupation Feudal City representative of the county in Parliament judge of the supreme civil court As a landowner, he would collect money from people who lived on his land, in addition to collecting taxes and overseeing the county in judicial matters as Justice of the Sessions. Based on Chaucer's description, he might spend his days eating plenty of his high quality foods, jolly as bee, not worrying about anything. (Chaucer, line's 345-348, 351-355) A Modern Day Franklin Landowner Owner of commercial land/property, rented by people Picture(s) Source; Google images Tax Collector youtube video: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA5v0bZij40 Physical Appearance "White as a daisy-petal was his beard.
A sanguine man, high-colored and benign" Stereotypes based on occupation Mean landlord/tax collector only interested in getting money Based on description Kind, rich man who enjoys the finer foods in life. Hospitable, cheerful, lives for the pleasures in life. -Santa Clause Pictures: Google Images (Chaucer, Lines 345, 350) There was a Franklin with him, with a beard as white as a petal, good-humored man, rosy cheeks and quite harmless, he loved food, cake and wine in the morning, he lived for the fun things and always has, the only thing that mattered was happiness. His home was open to all, no one had a better selection of foods, any food a man could ever want. His table was always ready for company. As a judge and representative, there was no one greater. He was one to look up to in society. (Chaucer, lines 342-343) "He lived for pleasure and had always done, For he was Epicurus' very son, In whose opinion sensual delight Was the one true felicity in sight."
(lines 345-348) Don't worry, be happy "As noted as St. Julian was for bounty He made his household free to all the County." (lines 349-350) Hospitable, welcoming "Benign" (line 343) "Model among landed gentry" (line 370) (Chaucer 1) Chaucer's Opinion I think that Chaucer is not satirizing the Franklin, but rather, thinks highly of him. It is obvious by how Chaucer describes the Franklin. He alludes to persons who display kindness and generosity. "He lived for pleasure and had always done, for he as Epicurus' very son" (line 345-346) "As noted as St. Julian was for bounty He made his household free to all the County." (Lines 349-350) "As Justice at the Sessions none stood higher...As Sheriff he checked audit, every entry. He was a model among landed gentry." (lines 365, 369-370) "He made his household free to all the country, his bread, his ale were finest of he fine... And in his hall a table stood arrayed and ready all daylong, with places laid." (lines 350-351, 363-364) Prologue Personality In addition, the Franklin's generous actions do not match his occupations as a tax collector, wealthy landowner, and sheriff, which usually makes readers think of a cold, cruel person. Chaucer's description of the Franklin are all positive and do not have a rude, demeaning connotation. http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVactRLNtkY (Chaucer 1) Jeff Bridges He fits the physical description of the Franklin, and has played sheriffs in films before. In addition he seems like a very hospitable and welcoming person. Picture: Google images
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