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The Blackfeet Genesis

No description

Kaleb O'Neal

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of The Blackfeet Genesis

Creation Myth
The Blackfeet Genesis is a creation myth because the old man travels and creates things along he way as well as forming a woman and a baby to keep him company. The baby, whom he killed in the story, is what the moral of this story is based off of.
How is this Myth Related to Today's Religions
What Moral or Theme is Represented?
The moral is to take things as they are initially and not try to take it into your own hands. When a superior makes an offer, take it without question as the other outcome may not be as it seems.
Characterization of The Old Man
The Old Man in the text is characterized almost as if he is God. In the first few sentences it says " All animals of the plains at one time heard of him. ". Which Means that they may have been created by him before and he may want to add on to his work
How the Death of the Baby Represents the Theme of the Story
The death of the baby represents it because she resented the Old Man's decision and made one for herself when she decided to say " If this stone may sink, all people must die". Of course, the stone sank and thus the baby was taken from her.
Where Were the Blackfeet Located in Their Prime?
The Blackfoot tribe was concentrated in Montana.
The Blackfeet Genesis
This myth is related to today's religions because it represents the fact that one being created the world.
Just a Recap:
This story is about an old man walking across the plains creating things as he ventures forth. While he is on this journey he creates a woman and a baby. The woman asks the ultimate fate of man: Immortality or Imminent Death, the Old Man decides it with throwing a buffalo chip in the water and if it floats man is immortal. The buffalo chip floats, but the woman then picks up a stone and says " If this stone may sink, they shall die. " then the woman throws the stone and it sinks. The Old Man then kills the baby and basically says gives her the big that's what you get.
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