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No description

aakiyah surrell

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

My interest are limited. My main interest is surviving in Dauntless during initiation because only the top ten people get to stay and the rest become part of the factionless. Becoming Dauntless helped me see how freedom affects people and how liberty improves you. In Dauntless, we prove ourselves worthy. My favorite moments in the compound are when we play capture the flag, when we zip-line, and when we learned how to throw a knife.
My Enemies!
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These are my Enemies.
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Contact info
dauntless headquaters
About Me
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Beatrice Prior

Phone Number: 312-678-3460
Email: tris_divergent@dauntless.com
In case I don't reply please contact Four (Don't annoy him)
Phone Number: 312-947-1092
Email: fourfears@dauntless.com

Divergent by Veronica Roth
My name is Beatrice Prior, but I go by Tris. I was born into the Abnegation, but when I turned 16 I transferred to another faction during the Choosing Ceremony, the Dauntless. I am the second person that moved from Abnegation to Dauntless. My brother moved before me during the Choosing Ceremony; he went to Erudite, who despise Abnegation. During my aptitude test (the test that decides what faction you should be in) I got Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless. That means I'm Divergent, or different. Divergent don't really fit into one faction, I fit into the three listed above. So trying to act all brave is hard since I'm smart and caring too.

My Friends
I value loyalty, and I have a nice amount of friends. I really don't need a lot of people in my life. These are my friends.
About my friends:
The presentation was Created by:
Contact Info!!
Nickname: Tris
Aakiyah Surrell, Abriana Perez, Henry Calhoun, Sabrina Sanchez, Samantha Brink, & Jamie Campos
I started my education when I was 5 in kindergarten, then when I turned sixteen in the tenth grade I got to choose my faction. Now it is my decision to continue my education or become one of the Factionless.
Christina: Christina's old faction was Candor, so she tells the truth a lot. She also can tell when someone is lying, and since I suck in a part of my cheek when I lie, keeping my Divergence a secret is hard. Since I'm from Abnegation I don't know about a lot girly stuff, while Christina does.

Will: Will's old faction is Erudite, you can see that when he tells you that he memorized a map of the city for fun, or when he tells Tris that she should've hit the target.

Four (Tobias): Four's old faction is Abnegation, He left for a reason but it's really not my story to tell.

Uriah: Uriah was born into Dauntless. He has a brother names Zeek, Uriah is super funny he makes me laugh so much.

My Enemies

Abnegation- You don't like to draw attention to yourself, and you are also more worried about other people.
Career: Goverment job

Amity-You are at peace
Career: Garderners

Candor- You are mainly honest with yourself and others; normally you are a lawyer in this faction
Career: Truthful lawyer

Dauntless- You are basically the police for the community and you are the brave people
Career: Police or Military

Erudite-You are learning everything and your are the teachers basically because you think you know everything
Career: Teachers
Well I kind of have a lot of enemies but I will tell you the main ones
Peter-Well when we were at the rankings I was first and since the Dauntless are competitive, he tried to kill me by throwing me in the Chasm...

Here is a ? to see what faction you fit into
1) If you had to choose one of the following options as a profession which one would you choose?
A) Humanitarian
B) Farmer
C) Judge
D) Firefighter
E) Scientist
Quiz Answers

A) Abnegation

B) Amity

C) Candor

D) Dauntless

E) Erudite
Jeanine-She told lies about my parents that they were selfish and only keeping the good food for themselves. She also put a simulation on Tobias/Four to make him kill me.

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