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Case Analysis #2 American Subcultures

A presentation over American subcultures that have existed in one form or another for quite some time.

Ethan Mann

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of Case Analysis #2 American Subcultures

AmerIcan Subcultures What is a subculture? Subcultures are groups of people with a culture (distinct or hidden) that differs from the larger culture that they belong to. Native Americans Cowboys Gangs Hippies Amish Emo Punk Americans Indigenous peoples of continental US and parts of Alaska and Hawaii. Came to America from Eurasia via Beringia land bridge around 12,000 years ago.
By 8000 BCE Americas climate stabilized and led to widespread migration and dramatic population increases.
Native Americans has tan skin and dark hair.
Lived hunter/farmer subistence life style.
Comprised of a large number of distinct tribes, states, and ethnic groups.
Cherokee, Navajo, and Miami largest and well known groups. Animal herder who tends to cattle on ranches in North America.
Originated from Mexican tradition of vaquero.
Cowboys began career at early age in order to develop skills.
Made up of men from all walks of life.
Developed horseback riding skills to assist in ranching.
Modern cowboy stereotypes developed from rodeos and wildwest shows as well as western movies. People of the United States.
Multi ethnic nation home to people of different ethnic or national background
Culture derived from traditions of Western European migrants i.e. early English and Dutch settlers.
Also heavily influenced by German, Irish, and Scottish settlers.
Parts of Mamde and Wolof cultures were adopted by American mainstream.
As westward expansion increased so did influence of Hispanic and Creole cultures of the south and southwest.
America has gained name of homogenous melting pot. Youth movement of US in 1950's that quickly spread to the rest of the world.
Originated from term hipster.
Inherited countercultural values from Best Generation and created their own communities.
Listened to psychadellic rock and used drugs to explore alternative states of conciousness.
Events like the Human Be-In, the Summer of Love, and Woodstock helped popularize hippies across the US.
Hippies fashion and values had a major effect of culture, especially modern music. Image Sources •Cowboys- http://worddreams.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/cowboy.jpg
•Hippies- http://www.ilmc.com/20/images/stories/ILMC20_Images/hippies.jpg
•Gangs- http://www.prisonplanet.com/images/january2007/220107mexicans4.jpg
•Americans- http://www.jaunted.com/files/admin/americanpatriot.png
•Indians- http://paxcosmico.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/native-americans.jpg
•Amish- http://paoladifraia.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/amish.jpg
•Emo- http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Health/images-2/Emo-Kids.jpg
•Punk- http://travelblog.viator.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/berlin-punk-things-to-do.jpg
Main picture- http://earbuds.popdose.com/zack/SongOff/Images/mosaic.JPG Originated from trash culture of late 1960's and the underground rock movement of the early 1970's.
Took large influence from art, philosophy, literature, and film.
Anarchism and its artistic inceptions played a large role on the music and ideals of punk culture.
Punk recieved a revival in the 1990's in California with the emergence of new music and groups to influence a new youth.
Typified by theatrical use of clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and tatoos.
Leather jackets and vests along with torn clothing are also very popular. Originated from Emo or Emotional rock music.
Gained mainstream popularity in 2000's with a rise in emo rock music.
Similar to earlier punk rock subcultures.
Typified by wearing skinny jeans, tight t-shirts, studded belts, and black wrist bands.
Also recognized for hairstyles like swept back bangs and straightened dyed hair. Christian religous denomination that forms a grouping of Mennonite churches.
Known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to use modern technology.
Originated in Switzerland in 1693 when founded by Jakob Ammann.
Emigrated to Pennsylvania in 18th century to flee religious persecution.
Amish have a total population of 227,000 and live in multiple states across the US including Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Date all the way to 1800's.
Urban gangs began developing in late 1960's.
Formed as a result of poor poverty planning and escalated police and military violence against blacks and immigrants.
Most infamous gangs are Bloods and Crips of Los Angeles, CA.
Crips formed from poor economic and repressive conditions. Formed by Raymond Washington in 1969 as a community organization.
Bloods soon followed to protect community from violence.
Gangs reached peak during introduction of crack-cocaine which increased violence and funding for gang activity.
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