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Lamoza 2000

Welcoming an invention that will revolutionize lawn mowing of this century... the Lamoza 2000. Solar-powered laser grass cutter, the Lamoza saves on fuel, makes your job easier, and pushes your lawn to the epitome of beauty.

Karen Feng

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Lamoza 2000

Introducing an invention... One that will REVOLUTIONIZE Lawn Mowing this century... Using clean, renewable solar energy, the Lamoza cuts your grass with an installed laser, making the whole chore less work while making your lawn neat and at its epitome of beauty. Solar Panels Lasers Programmed to cut at a certain level
to make your lawn cut just as you like it.

There's no noise!

Lasers are also underneath the Lamoza, making the pushing motion of the mower less strain on your body. Uses Solar Energy to run. Lawn Mowers are well known to be polluters. With the Lamoza, there are no exhaust fumes. It's purely run on green energy, touching on the growing trend. High Level Tires High level rubber tires make the Lamoza easy to push on the lawn, lessening the strain of the chore. What is Laser Cutting? The generation of a laser beam involves stimulating a lasing material by way of electrical discharge within a closed container. As the lasing material is stimulated, the beam is reflected internally from a small mirror until it achieves enough energy to become a stream of light with enough energy to cut through a material. How does our laser work? We use Vaporization Laser Cutting. By centering the laser at a certain point, we are able to vaporize the material with heat. By controlling the heat to a certain degree, we are able to make sure it is safe for certain materials,making it safe for people. We are able to center the heat all at one point, and change it to a certain temperature to cut through grass.. Why will this idea work? No exhaust fumes, be green!
People will save money.
Replaces heavy, bulky equipment.
No loud motors needed!
Safer than original mowers
Leaves a lawn as close to perfection as can be... Solar Panels
Solar panels are large, made to take in the maximum energy it can hold and store. Handles Handle is created for easy grip. Although the Lamoza may be large, it is easy to push and is very light. Extends and minimizes for easy storage. Wheels Wheels can sink low to the ground for better cuts as well as a higher standard of safety. The wheels can also smooth over the excess grass, allowing "grasscycling" while at the same time leaving behind no marks. Lol. Touch Screen Control Panel Control Panel controls height of laser to generate
just the right cut you would want.
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