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Chinese Footbinding

No description

Lexi Richmond

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Footbinding

Chinese Footbinding
What other forms of body mutilation have been popular in making women appear more beautiful?
How and why did the practice foot binding begin?
One thing in modern society that women do to make themselves feel beautiful are getting face lifts.
Fact #2
Another thing women do to make themselves feel more beautiful is getting plastic surgery or things similar to this.
Fact #3
Lastly, women get botox surgery where they inject medicine in between the eyebrows to make the frown lines dissapear. Although, this is only a temporary surgery.
Fact #1
Fact #2
Fact #3
Chinese foot binding began because the Chinese women believed the only way to be beautiful was if your foot was very small. The main reason women did this was for beauty.
Fact #4
The other reason Chinese women bound their feet was because at that time, bound feet were a status symbol. This only way for a women to marry into money.
Fact #1
The foot binding process begins with a young girl, age 4-7, soaking her feet in warm water or animal blood with herbs. After soaking the feet, her nails were to be clipped short and given a massage. Next, every toe would be broken except for the big toe. Then the foot would be wrapped in binding cloth. Everyday or every couple of days the foot would be unwrapped and wrapped again. The girls would put smaller shoes on until their feet were four inches long.
Lexi Richmond Period 1
Fact #1
Describe the process of foot binding.
What was the purpose of foot binding?
-One of the purposes of foot binding was to make the women feel more beautiful
-Another purpose of foot binding was for a poor women to marry into money.
-Lastly, in those days you had to have your feet bound to get married, so for most they had no choice,
Why do you think the practice was outlawed in 1911?
I think this practice was outlawed because it is dangerous and not fair to women that they have to harm themselves to feel beautiful, or to get married.
Fact #1
Fact #2
Another reason I think China outlawed foot binding is because all women and men had to work. Most jobs were farming jobs and other physical things. With bound feet women were not able to do these jobs very well making it harder for them to work, and the less things they'll get done.
Some say some Chinese women were forced to bound their feet so their husbands, sons, etc. could keep track of them and they wouldn't get far away from home because it would have been too much pain to run away too far.
In the 10th century, emperor Li Yu of the Southern Tang dynasty in China ordered one of his slave girls to bind her feet in silk and dance on a platform littered with golden lotus flowers. From that day on, foot binding was often assciated with the term golden lotus. At first foot binding was something practiced by only those within royal court but soon women of all social classes were eager to have dainty, "beautiful" and desirable feet.
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