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DU Earth Day Summit

No description

Jessica Spomer

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of DU Earth Day Summit

First Annual Earth Day Summit

Speakers Alice Madden Jonny 5 of the Flobots Breakout Sessions Funded and Sponsored: Supported By: Team Members
Schwag Finder
Marketing/Advertising of Event
Schwag Finder
School Connection
Detail Oriented
Worker Bee
Idea thought up- January-February 2010
Met with Chloe of Public Policy Department to discuss probability-early February
Went to Sustainability, Governor Lamm, Geography Department, PLP, ES LLC to try to find funding and backing for event- month of February
Met with Cable Center as possible venue- February
Contacted Mayor Hickenlooper, Governor Ritter, flobots.org, Bill Becker, potential and actual speakers for breakout events, etc.- February- beginning of March
Decided on Venue (HRTM)- after meeting with Patti Farmer- March
Starting accumulating schwag, advirtising of the event, itenerary & game plan for days events figured out- March-April
Established Clear Goals for all team members on day of the event, confirmed with speakers for the day- March-April
Assembled Eco Kits
Event took place on April 22
Wrap Up started beginning of May, sending out thank yous, etc.

start planning sooner (estimated- September, October)
have greater student participation in the event
more funding
"bigger names" of speakers
bringing outside students, community members to partake in the day
more tangible 'eco tools/ resources' for kit
less lecture, more interactive, more variety
overarching goal
runthroughs with all team members- familiarity with everything
lack of follow through with sponsors and speakers
turn out
lack of communication between Earth Day Summit Team and advertisers
governor's energy office
Colorado Weather

Absence of Trust
Fear of Conflict
Lack of Commitment
Avoidance of Accountability
Inattention to Results
turnout of 100 people, many DU faculty and students
UNDER BUDGET by approximately $4,000
Developed good relationships with attendees, speakers, and sponsors
Inspired Students to at least THINK about changing their green attitudes
We learned how to orchestrate an event work as a team
Carbon Credits
Compost & Recycling
Organic& Local
Zero Waste Event CLAP: The First Annual Earth Day Summit Team Members: Amy Hunt, Megan Marshall, Courtney Muchnick, Jessica Spomer
(also- Aparna Kailasam and Mariah Shell) Time Line "the nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side"
-Joe Paterno Living Green White Water 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Results Plans for the Future cel Energy
DU Transportation Solutions
Campus Cycles
Sunflower Market
DU Facilities Sustainability committee- $4,200
Institutue for public policy- $1,000
Center for Student life- $500
DUPB- $500
Pioneer Leadership Program- $250
Environmental LLC- $250
Total Budget (actual)- $6,000 Jessica Spomer Megan Marshall Aparna Kailasam Mariah Shell Courtney Muchnick Amy Hunt
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