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Recruitment Chair Election Slide

Amber Patton

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Darlins

Amber Patton for Recruitment Chair New Ideas Why me? Be here this summer Recruited through Summer/Fall Have the time Recruitment Shirts Business Cards Musts Tabling @ Freshmen events Meet and Greet @ Starbucks New Girl Packets Service Recruitment Sleep over Email adress http://www.zazzle.com/cr/design/pt-profilecard?pd=240311454450353177&get_started_dialog=false&size=business&media=thick_plainwhite&front=business_front_horz&back=business_back_horz&mode=fit
allows us to communicate annoymously with the girls interested that way no one's inbox is overflowing really explains all aspects of Darlins, what actives do, what recruits do, calendar of all events, expectations, a little about each of the actives, ect. Working this summer in Austin hopefully @ night
Have time to table during the day
Freshman Oriantation Events Aiming for only Tuesday/Thursday classes
Will give time for tabling
Not involved in other organizations
Working, but once again hopefully @ night Found the Darlins @ Freshman BBQ
One of three girls @ Meet & Greet
Feel that this gives me a tie to this recruitment season Darlins have shown me the ropes of college, I want to be able to do the same for girls coming in
Have sisters of my own, so I know how extremely important sisterhood is
If I say I am not drinking that night, I won't do it
I carried out several officer roles throughout high school, which have prepared me to be a leader
I want to be more active in Darlins and meet more of the girls, especially the ones who aspire to be in our organization This is a good way for the recruits to meet the actives without alcohol involved, and so they get a taste of what we do Freshman BBQ
Orientation Events
OF course usual MTWTh Natalia & Skylar started, great bonding time for Baby's
Made getting to know each other so easy
I met with a few Darlins at a meet and greet @ Starbucks the week of Freshman Orientation
Gave me comfort and confidence
Made me fall in love with TWD So really, why?
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