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Salami tactics

How the USSR took control of europe in 1947.

Pietro Lepidi

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Salami tactics

Salami talctics How did Stalin gain control of Eastern Europe. End of second world war. Photo one Point one and two: get control of country point three and four: elections Stalin plan Point five and six: opponents By may 1945 the war was won by the allies, after the german invasion in the Russia the USSR had taken land back and advanced through Europe in all countries bordering Russia in Easter Europe. U.S.A. and Britain instead invaded nazi territory from the west and the south and entered Germany from the west. West U.S.A and East U.S.S.R. meet in Germany, happy together. In the Yalta conference (February 1945) things seemed going fine, Stalin agreed to make democracies in Eastern Europe and agreed on many points. But in Potsdam it was different, as western allies started to understand that Stalin had different plans for Eastern Europe and they were wright... Stalin had a very precise and studied strategy to gain control of Europe, this strategy had 8 points. When the red army passed through Europe the soviet generals decided to leave some solders in each country they passed through, these quickly got control of media defense and police. As said in the conferences there needed to be elections, the communist parties would unite together to win, if this did not work the election were rigged, in Romania the communist won with the 80% of voters! (obviously by rigging the elections). As soon as communist got control of the government opposes were killed and all other parties were abolished, now communism had complete power. What happened at the conferences? points seven and eight: people democracy At this point the Russians had total control, a strictly controlled government was made and it was called "people democracy" (a communist republic, you could only vote for communists). With this tactic Albania (1945), Poland (1947), Romania (1945–1947),
Czechoslovakia (1945–48), East Germany (1949) all fell under soviet control, but there were some exceptions... Hungary (1947) In 1945 Stalin allowed elections, in which the non-communists won the majority of votes. However communist communist leader Rakosi did not like this and took control of the police, he established a secret police unit called the AVO that searched and killed opponents. The government had to accept that because Rakosi threatened Russian intervention, by 1947 Rakosi had complete power over Hungary and established a one-party dictatorship. On 23rd October in 1956 university students marched onto the streets of Budapest and demanded the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Hungary and the fall of the communist dictatorship. The Soviet army intervened: tanks appeared in Budapest and many were shot during the fights. On some apartments you can still see the bullet holes from 1956. Yugoslavia On 6 April 1941, Yugoslavia was invaded by the Axis powers led by Nazi Germany; by 17 April 1941, the country was fully occupied. In 1945 elections were made and communists won, but the communists that won in Yugoslavia were "national communists", although they were a communist state they were very national and patriotic about there victory in the second world war claiming that they were the only state that won after being totally invaded. The relationship between Tito (communist leader in Yugoslavia) and Stalin started well but when Stalin tried to get control of Yugoslavia, killing Tito, Tito got mad at Stalin and separated from his block, Stalin banned him from the cominform and tried to overthrow Tito or make war with him but failed, at a speech Tito said "We are not going to pay the balance on others' accounts, we are not going to serve as pocket money in anyone's currency exchange, we are not going to allow ourselves to become entangled in political spheres of interest. Why should it be held against our peoples that they want to be completely independent? And why should autonomy be restricted, or the subject of dispute? We will not be dependent on anyone ever again!"
Stalin and Yugoslavia prepared war as Yugoslavia accepted the Marshal Aid but at the end Stalin let go because of the Korean War. House of Terror (Terror Háza) Museum on Andrássy Avenue in Budapest. Photo 2-3 Tito, Stalin, and Molotov Here is a propaganda posters of the USSR attaching USA in Europe. This is how Uncle Sam and USA put their legs on Europe.
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