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Interior Monologue

No description

Joanna Burkholder

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Interior Monologue

Interior Monologue:
it's all in your head!

What is an interior monologue?
An author uses interior monologues to show the thoughts of a character. In your first person narrative, your will use your own thoughts.

Interior monologue is NOT dialogue. It only includes the character's thoughts.

Since it is not dialogue, we do not use quotation marks. Instead, an author indicates an interior monologue by using italics.
Activity 1
Imagine you are lost in a hedge maze and cannot find your way out.Occasionally, strangers smile and laugh as they run by. You begin to panic as the sun sets and you still are lost. You haven't seen another person in over an hour. Suddenly, you begin to hear footsteps following you. You call out... but no answer. You stop and the footsteps stop. You begin running and you hear quick footsteps behind you.... what are you thinking? How are you feeling?

ONE THE BACK OF YOUR NOTES PAGE: Write a few sentences describing your inner monologue.
Activity 2:
Imagine you are on a date. A boring one. The person you are with talks only of themselves and you cannot wait for the date to end. You may even be considering how you can get out of it early! What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

ONE THE BACK OF YOUR NOTES PAGE: Write at least 4 sentences of interior monologue.
How do I incorporate this into my narrative?
First, think about a moment in your narrative. What might you have been thinking at this time? You don't have to remember exactly... but it should stay true to your character.

Then, make sure you reveal something about yourself during this. It should be "worth it," not useless information. It should add to the action happening.

Next, add some lines of monologue. Make sure to italicize your thoughts!
Mrs. B's example:
Ugggg, how long will he go on about his pet rabbit! What time is it? Only 7:30?! We've only been here for 15 minutes, but it seems like an eternity!!! I should have had a backup plan. I hope someone calls me so I can have an excuse to leave early. Oh geez.... really? If he mentions Fluffy one more time...
Mrs. B's Example
How am I going to get out of here!? I can't even see anything and I feel like I've been walking in circles for hours. Oh my gosh! What's that?! It sounds like someone is on the other side of this hedge... if I just stay silent, no one will know I'm here. Wait, what if they can help? Oh no! What if they're after ME?! Should I run...?
For example:
Rainsford's second thought was even more terrible. It sent a shudder of cold through his whole being.
Why had the general smiled?
Why had he turned back?

(Connell 31)
Notice Rainsford's
thoughts in italics.
Look at this example of interior monologue in Father of the Bride:
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